Divine Feminine/Masculine
Healing Activation 

Saturday Morning Soul Tea & Alchemy: Episode 33

It's been another intense week in the realm of old paradigms of powerlessness and abuse breaking down.

It seems like we just keep getting hit with wave after wave.  

This time it's Harvey Weinstein cracking open the sexual abuse in Hollywood that's created an unstoppable chorus of women voices coming out in the #MeToo movement on social media.

The ubiquitous experience of sexual harassment and assault for women is being ripped to the surface, no longer able to stay hidden in the shadows.  Which is all bringing forth powerful and necessary conversations.

It's beautiful to witness the rising up of the power of the Divine Feminine.  And simultaneously, the Divine Masculine stepping into their power through facing their own shadows, owning them, and rebalancing into what true masculine power and grace is.

It's the beginning of a much bigger journey, but it's happening.  

When I began to write "Me Too" in my status update on Facebook, I had an unexpected response.  I became filled with so much anger... deep, deep anger that came from my childhood and teenage years of being on the receiving end of sexual harassment, and being there for so many of my young girl friends who had been through far, far worse.   Stories upon stories, memories, and feelings of powerlessness and then anger that came flooding into me.

That rage is big and it's deep, and it's from lifetimes and centuries, and it's within all of us.  It wasn't just my own anger, it was the anger of the female collective that came running through me like a volcano.

And I went there, and I released it.  

And then I really got it.  

How powerless men have been all along.  How disconnected, how shut down.  And their need to feel powerful, to feel connected, often coming from the illusion of believing that they get that through dominating someone who's vulnerable. 

Which is no form of power at all.  It's true weakness.  Disconnection.  Pain.

But it's causing women to rise up into their own power, to step forth from their pain, from their hearts, from their strength, from their connection, from their love, from their ability to heal and transform and gain more power because of it.

And as that happens, we hold the space for the Divine Masculine to do the same, as we are rebalancing the energies on the planet at full force right now.

We are all needed.  We are all being called home to our TRUE power, our own alignment with Source, through our own hearts, not just through our physical aggression, our minds and our egos.

We've all gone through lifetimes of being the victim and being the perpetrator.  We've all played every character in these roles.

There's so much that can be said about all of this, and I love that those conversations are going on.

I just wanted to voice this small piece.  And to share what The Alchemists have been saying to so many clients in these past weeks.

When you allow that repressed anger to come up and out, you are releasing it for the collective.  This is not just your own anger.  It's thousands of years of it.  It's the anger of every woman on the planet, and every man who has misused it.

So if you have been feeling a lot of intense emotion recently, it's OK.  It's meant to be coming up right now.

And our role as lightworkers and awakening souls is to have a healthy release of it, to own it, love it, transform it and alchemize it for the masses.  Not for just ourselves.  

This is much bigger work that we are doing here, even though it feels so personal.

So that's why I wanted to share this week's Soul Tea episode with you.  

This is a Self Love Activation that came out of a call this week from my year long "Sacred Self Love" program.

In the heightened collective energy of this past week, it ended up being a really beautiful, detoxing, healing activation for the Divine Feminine AND the Masculine.

Releasing shame, guilt, fear, anger, and transforming it.  For ourselves and for the planet.

So I invite you to join us in this activation, as we continue to do our work to shift this energy on the planet.

This is a 51 minute activation that you'll want to do with your eyes closed, either sitting up or laying down.  Do not be driving while listening to this.

FYI, it's deep.  You may be taken completely off line for parts of it.  Just allow yourself to receive the release and the healing.

If this Soul Tea episode moved you, please share it with others.  Click on the social media buttons on the left to share it.  Pass it on to your loved ones as we do this collective healing work together.

This Soul Tea & Alchemy video is a conversation with The Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers)​ that are channeled through Ina Lukas. Every week we will choose one person's question to answer on Saturday Morning Soul Tea and Alchemy.

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  • October 21, 2017

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