Ina & The Alchemists Immersion Weekend
in Detroit, Michigan

Would you like a chance to ask The Alchemists your questions in person?  

Experiencing a live channeling workshop with Ina & The Alchemists is a transformational event.

Maybe it's the energy in the room.  Maybe it's the transmissions coming from Ina while she's channeling.  Maybe it's receiving one of Ina's heart activation hugs.  Or the tuning fork effect of the group's collective transformation.  Or watching someone release a life long block in front of your eyes.  Or all of the above.

Whatever happens in these workshops is always a bit of magic.  

We invite you to join Ina & The Alchemists in the Detroit area for a weekend immersion in experiencing true Divine Love.  Ina is coming from California for this one-time event in Michigan.

"Asking the Alchemists a question is like getting in the hotseat with Abraham,
because they get right to the heart of your question and lovingly hold you there until it shifts internally.
Life long issues are forever changed in the matter of minutes. Hallelujah!"

- Joanna Withey

"Creating Prosperity From Within"
Live Q&A Workshop With Ina & The Alchemists

Sunday, March 26th from 1:00 - 4:30​

​Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?

It's often what you can't see that's holding you back.
Would you like to clear that up - fast? 

Ina Lukas channels a collective of non-physical teachers called The Alchemists. They are laser focused on helping you transform your biggest money, health and relationship blocks quickly and easily, by turning your perceived limitations into gold. The Alchemists bring through powerful, leading edge wisdom on the topic of prosperity and abundance.

The intention of this workshop is to help you create prosperity in all areas of your life. The Alchemists will open with a Prosperity Activation and conversation on the topic of "Creating Prosperity In Your Life." Then you will have a chance to get in the "Love Seat" with The Alchemists to ask them your question on whatever topic you'd like to ask about.​

One question in the Love Seat with The Alchemists could change your life.  

We've witnessed it over and over again.  People can release lifelong blocks with just one question because The Alchemists will dive deep to the root of what's underneath your question.  It's a profound process to experience and to witness, as everyone in the audience gains deeper answers and insights from each person's exchange with The Alchemists.

Unity of Livonia
28660 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48154

Cost is $55 for this 3.5 hour workshop.  ($65 the day of the event)

Heart activation hugs from Ina included with the price of admission.  🙂  

*Workshop recording will be available for purchase.

Join us for an afternoon of being in the frequency of The Alchemists' loving transmissions.

Click here to purchase your ticket and reserve your spot:​

Are you a woman who is coming out of domestic abuse and on the path to empower yourself as you are getting back on your feet?  Please contact me if this workshop makes your heart sing, but you don't have the funds.  I have special scholarships available for women who need Divine support as they are transforming their lives and the lives of their children.

Want to listen to an interview with Ina & The Alchemists on Body Mind Spirit Radio? 

This interview gives you a bit of insight into this Sunday's workshop.  Ina shares some of her background journey, describes The Alchemists and their work, talks about this weekend's workshops, and then brings The Alchemists in for a deep Q&A with Courtney, the interviewer.  You'll get a taste of how they help people get to the root of their underlying blocks.  Powerful interview!


"Accessing Your Intuition" Workshop

Saturday, March 25th from 1:00-5:00pm​

Would you like to open up to more of your intuitive abilities?

Ina Lukas

Would you like learn more about your abilities in an 
intimate gathering with Ina and The Alchemists?

This workshop will be an intensive designed to help you dial into more of your intuitive gifts to help you navigate life from a stronger place of connection to your own guidance.  The Alchemists will discuss this topic, giving you tips, tools, and techniques to help you develop more of your intuitive skills (including talking to your Guides, channeling, mediumship, etc).  Then they will take you through an "Accessing Your Intuition" Activation (in person activations are very powerful).  Then they will open the floor to each person's questions in the Love Seat so that everyone has an opportunity for a one-on-one chat with The Alchemists about this topic.  

This is a smaller group workshop (limited to 12 people) in which everyone is guaranteed an opportunity to get in the "Love Seat" and ask a question of the Alchemists.

If you'd like to stay after the workshop, from 5:00-7:00 pm we'll be having our Alchemy of Connection Potluck social time to celebrate together, chat, integrate and have fun.  Bring a dish to share, and we'll have a wonderful closing to our day.

**The "Accessing Your Intuition" Workshop is SOLD OUT**

The Alchemy of Connection Potluck   
Saturday, March 25th from 5-7pm in Westland.

If you'd like to join Ina for an evening of celebration, food, fun, and connecting with like-minded peeps, email Ina and we'll hook you up for this intimate event.  It's free.  Ina just loves connecting with her tribe.  🙂

Please contact Ina at for more information.


I still find myself quietly absorbing all I learned from this workshop. The energy coming from Ina was actually shocking to me, I think my voice while in the hot seat may reveal it somehow, it was coming in intense waves. Thank you so much Dear Mike and Ramona for doing so much for us all and for your commitment to help bring to the light the love we all are."  - Terri Cummings

“I floated out to the car 3 inches above the ground. The whole evening was magical, moving, delightful, informative. Ina was inspiring and really eased my mental discomfort. I truly enjoyed talking with others and our discussion afterwards. What a great group that gathered. Also, and especially, great hosts. Thank you so much”.  - Susan Kott

The energy was palpable from the first moment - building to a powerful intensity. I expected to relate to some of the questions & answers, but never expected to relate on a personal level to each one! So happy to have been a part of this experience.” - Susan Beaver

“Wow, I really surprised myself by asking a question. It was so unexpected as I was assuming I would be comfortably watching and not participating. All I can say is wow, the Alchemistgot right to the heart of my matter literally. I started with my make up on and cried it all off! Very powerful, thank you Alchemists!”  - Suzanne Young

“The first words that come to mind are, "incredible" and "amazing". A wonderful evening.” - Stephanie

IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Life-changing!! Thank you so much, to Ramona and Mike, and Kevin; and to Ina, and the Alchemists - and to Source!! I am feeling such gratitude.” - Carolyn R.

“Wow what an evening with Ina and The Alchemists! I loved listening to the wisdom that came through The Alchemists, I loved the humor they have and how they would catch us off guard to melt away resistance. Each person in the Hot Seat was a gift to the group, even if their particular question seemed to not apply to you by the end of the session you gleamed Source wisdom that applied to each of us. What an absolute blessing to share this experience with all of you.” - Ramona Mucciolo

“What an amazing night! I'm so grateful to have been there to experience Ina's magical energy and the wisdom of the Alchemists. I hope she comes back to Burbank again.” - Dianne

"AMAZING!!!! It was such an incredible evening! Ina and the Alchemists gave us such wonderful advice and what they said always resonated with all of us! Please come back to us Ina and the Alchemists!!!” - Stanzi

"Wow, soon as I'd think of a question the Alchemists would address the subject with whoever was in the Hot Seat. So crazy great!” - Millie Chalk

"This was an amazing evening. What an enormous opportunity to be able to share directly with our source in a safe, loving environment of like-minded individuals. It was mind-opening & answered so many questions that had been stewing in my mind for a long time. I'm looking forward to the next event!”

"Can I only give 5 stars? This was beyond words. To be able to connect with Source Energy and receive guidance that resonates to my core is such a gift. I have been blessed tonight with Divine Love and much healing. Thank you.” - Susan Green

"It's amazing how many hearts were opened up last night, just by the asking of the questions. I felt the love in the room increase by about a million percent as people opened themselves up to Ina and the Alchemists, and as they answered with so much love. I feel like we all connected on a very deep level, and I feel like I made a lot of new, close friends last night...physical and non-physical. :-)” - Katie

"I'd give it 10 stars if it let me!”