Where do you block yourself from love?

Do you push away support, even when you know that you need it?

Do you feel like you have a block with letting money in?

Is it easier for you to give than receive?

You're far from alone.  

The truth is, most people have developed defenses around their heart that have kept them from receiving what they really want in life.

Whether it's financial freedom, relationships, good health, or support of all kinds, it's often easier to push it away without even realizing we're doing it. 

But what if the thing that we are actually pushing away is our very own love?

The answer to everything is inside you.  Everything you need is there.

It's not something outside of you.  

Your access point to what you want is through the portal of your own heart.  

You receiving YOU.

Which is exactly where The Alchemists are going to help guide us.  

Join Ina and The Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers and healers channeled through Ina) on this five week journey designed to create an energetic field that supports you in opening your heart to your OWN love and to your own soul medicine.

As we come together as a larger collective, we amplify that field, creating the energetic matrix that supports you in opening the door to your heart and being able to receive the medicine that's in there - your own love.

This is truly a journey of RECEIVING.  You will be nurtured, loved, supported, and held through each activation and throughout this journey.

“Opening my heart with The Alchemists allowed me to manifest an extra $20,000 in a span of a few short weeks.

For anyone wanting to increase their financial prosperity, and loosen up around the subject of money, the Alchemists are a surefire bet to manifesting your financial desires! I look forward to working with them on the joyful manifestation of becoming a multi-millionaire! ”

     - Samuel Jang

Listen Here to Experience a Bit of The Alchemists Love...

Why Join Us?​

  • To experience the most immense self love - being able to access that purest love that is YOU.
  • To have a breakthrough with money - opening up to receiving financial flow.
  • To allow yourself to receive more support in your life (in your home, business, work - wherever you feel like you can't keep up).
  • To open up to receiving more love - in your relationships, friendships and partnerships.
  • To feel more balanced in giving and receiving.
  • To be a part of the magnified energy field created when a group of powerfully focused people come together to create a support network for all of us.
  • To be a part of a loving, fun community and to be inspired and supported by your like-minded tribe.
  • To experience the freedom that comes on the other side of no longer pushing things away from a closed heart.

    When Do We Begin?

December 2nd- 30th

All calls take place on Saturdays at 10:00AM Pacific/1:00PM Eastern/
6:00pm UK/ Sunday 5:00am Sydney
(60 minutes)

Click HERE to find the time in your international time zone.

You can join from anywhere in the world via phone (local country numbers will be given for international callers).

*We also have a private Facebook Group for all members of this program so that we can share our experiences in between the calls.  It's an amazing place to bond with your tribe, share, inspire and magnify this journey together.  

Can't make the calls live?

No worries.  The calls will be recorded and you'll receive the recordings after each call.

So if you can't make every call, you won't miss a thing.  The Activations are just as potent whether you're on the call live or listening to the recording.

“What I love about Ina and the Alchemists is their ability to get to the heart of the question and hold you there until it shifts. If you want real solutions to the issues you’ve been carrying around for a lifetime, I mean, if you are really ready to shift, this is your opportunity! Other channels give you things to think about and shift on your own… the Alchemists, in their loving and humorous way, clear it up, right then & there. Next thing you know, your life has improved immeasurably!

They get right to the heart of your question and lovingly hold you there until it shifts internally. Life long issues are forever changed in the matter of minutes. Hallelujah!”

     - Joanna Withey

In The Words of The Alchemists...

“We can’t express enough the importance of YOU receiving YOU.  You receiving you.  You receiving your own heart, your own love.  It’s all right here inside your heart, dear one.  This heart of yours that gives and gives and gives, but has not yet received itself.  

What’s underneath all of the guilt, the shame, the fear, the worry is your own love, and we want to breathe through all of that and begin to receive yourself. 

Your heart is so ready to crack open to you, to your own love.  That’s what you’ve been pushing away, dear one.  Your own love. 

Your own love is the biggest thing you will ever feel in your life. 

You receiving your own love is you experiencing yourself as Source energy.

You letting yourself in.  You receiving you.  You receiving your own medicine, your own love.  It’s the most healing thing.  It will heal every part of your body, your physical symptoms.  Your own love is what cures you.  Your own love is what heals you.  Nothing is outside of you.  It’s your own love that you’re here to receive.  It’s your own love that you’re here to come home to, dear one.  

We want you to receive yourself.  All the things that you feel like you’re trying to receive from the outside, it’s all coming down to you receiving you.  

You are the doorway to your own love, and as you receive your own love, as you receive your own heart, everything breaks open.  All of it.  It all breaks open… Money, healing, relationships...  it all comes from this place here.  

You’re all journeying here, this Fifth Dimensional place is coming home to experiencing your own love, experiencing yourself as love.  You receiving you.  It’s the ultimate God Source connection, and it’s the gateway to the creation of everything.    

As you allow yourself to receive your own love, you really begin to get how all powerful you are, and the immensity of who you are as a Source energy being.  And as you really get that, you can’t look at someone else and see less than that."

- The Alchemists

Are you ready to open up to a whole new level of receiving?

The price of this five week journey is just $111.  

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Are you ready to allow love in?

What others have to say about
Ina & The Alchemists...

“I'm running out of exclamations for these calls!! 🙂 I dare say, this was the most profound and powerful activation for me, yet! Holy crapalonies!! I had a flood of chills up and down my body for several minutes right after, which has never happened before. I was feeling all of those amazing other-dimensional beings. Thank you so much for stepping into this work, Ina! I feel so much opening and shifting for me, as one cycle ends and a new one begins in the coming year. It's palpable...and I am so appreciative of the support I receive from you, your crew, and all of the other ways it flows to me. You ARE love :)”

- Carrie Kochevar

"If you are considering Ina and the Alchemists' Self Love program, DO IT. I felt called to it right away but it wasn't easy to sign up for. Self love is not something that I have ever done well or given my self the time to learn and practice. THANK GOODNESS I actually did register for this Course!!!!

Through the opportunities to interact with the Alchemists (with my personal questions as well as to hear the questions of others, which so often provoke answers that can be easily mapped onto my own life), the energetic activations and the loving supportive community involved in the Course, I am leaning in to places where love has not been in my life.

And as I learn to love myself, the awareness of love and acknowledgement from others grows, too. From work colleagues, to family members to men. I find myself more comfortably receiving admiration and love. It seems like it has magically appeared out of thin air! Or, has it been there all along and I just didn't know? Who cares! I'm so grateful. And I'm just getting started! I can't wait for what's yet to be discovered.

– Gaile Burchill

“Very powerful Self Love Activation, Ina! Best of all the ones I've been through so far. It definitely WAS an incredible call! Saturday morning, I met with a new coaching prospect and had a great conversation. He handed me a check for 3 months of coaching on the spot! I guess we could call that a money manifestation, yes? Thanks for all the amazing value that you provide with everything you do and everything that you are, Ina!”

     - Kevin Young

"What you do, is stunning, Ina. People should GRAB this amazing opportunity to work one on one with you, while it’s still affordable!!  You get to have one-on-one therapy directly with God! How much is THAT worth??!! Imagine being able to work one-on-one, once a week, with Esther Hicks and Abraham; but actually it’s even much, much better than that.

Ina and the Alchemists assist you to truly work through your stuff. You work THROUGH it, and TRANSFORM it. Transform Yourself. Transform your life. My life is totally transforming. I finally KNOW what it means, to BE IN MY POWER. I didn’t understand what that meant. The Alchemists gave me embodying exercises to GET IT. I finally GET, all of that stuff that I’ve been reading about for years and years. I get it. I AM in my Power. I am NOW in my Power. I am NOW allowing in ALL THAT GOOD that is mine. Ina and the Alchemists finally truly helped me get it.

Run. Sign up with her while she’s still available."

     - Carolyn Ryden

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