Releasing trauma and
Creating New Sacred Union Vows

Saturday Soul Tea & Alchemy: Episode 43

This week's Soul Tea and Alchemy episode is taken from a live workshop with The Alchemists in San Jose, California.  This Love Seat exchange includes a release of past traumas, money struggles, indebtedness, and so much more.  There's an activation in it.  A deeper trusting that you're supported by the Universe. And then a really beautiful conversation about creating a new form of sacred union and marriage vows with her partner. 

"That's mastery level to give yourself the experience of losing everything." 
- The Alchemists

Here is this week's question:

"Back in 2011, I went through something very traumatic and lost my health, my business, and my home. I've felt shaky ever since.  I want to do something with my life that allows me to stay in contact with Spirit. I don't know what it is that I should or could be doing to activate that.  I know that I'm commuting six hours every week now.  I know that finances have been a challenge.  I really want to grow closer to my higher power.  I've had so much beauty and so many gifts, just in the last six-seven months I've lost 70 pounds and that's been joyful.  My body has been healing in so many ways from so many illnesses and I feel free.  I just don't know where that freedom is going to take me next."  

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This Soul Tea & Alchemy video is a conversation with The Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) that are channeled through Ina Lukas. Every week we will choose one person's question to answer on Saturday Morning Soul Tea and Alchemy.

Ina Lukas helps people break through their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily with Divine Guidance. As an Intuitive Channel, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, financial fears, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, business blocks, health issues, and more. Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. She lives and plays in her magical treehouse in Encinitas, California. 

  • February 4, 2018

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