Are you ready to release your limitations and create new possibilities?

Start by downloading my free ‘Prosperity Activation” MP3. This powerful guided activation brings you into the Theta brainwave, rewires your DNA, and begins to unwind subconscious scarcity beliefs, while bringing you into a new state of prosperity consciousness, releasing your blocks around money.

FREE Prosperity Activation

Ready to release your money blocks?

Download my FREE 45-minute Guided Prosperity Activation to jumpstart your financial success now!

"I did your Prosperity Activation and I came home and my Dad had left me a cheque for $15,000. Not all the money is for me, but isn't that amazing! I get $5,000 of that money. Just like that *snaps finger* It really feels like magic! BLESS YOU"
- Shari

Is there an area of your life — maybe a relationship,
your health, or finances —
that feels stuck, no matter what you do?

Do you wish that you could resolve that issue quickly?

My name is Ina (pronounced “eenah”) and I help people breakthrough their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily.

I work with people from all backgrounds, from corporate executives to stay at home moms. But the common thread is that I work with people who are ready for change. People who are really ready to create a shift in their life. People who have done their work, but are ready to have their blindspots revealed.

My clients come to me for things like:

  • Health issues… allergies, migraines, cancer, depression
  • Marriage and relationship issues
  • Financial issues, worries and blocks
  • Weight issues
  • Business questions and career direction
  • Stress, anxiety, worry, phobias
  • Parenting issues, shifting dynamics with your children
  • Finding a sense of purpose, finding clarity on your path

“Over the years, I've had the good fortune to get guidance from various Mediums and Channels, including Abraham and through Esther Hicks, but I've never felt so connected to Source as I do when talking to The Alchemists through Ina.”

– Kevin Young

And the list goes on.

The good news is that the breakthrough on these issues in your life can actually happen quite quickly and easily.

And it can be very lighthearted and fun at the same time.

The truth is, you HAVE done so much of the work already! You ARE ready to shift, and you ARE ready for the breakthrough! Which may be the very reason you found your way to me.

Imagine experiencing what my other clients have experienced in sometimes just one session:

  • Lifelong weight issues melting away
  • Releasing stress and anxiety
  • Letting go of poverty consciousness
  • Cancer symptoms decreasing significantly overnight
  • Strained relationships with children becoming peaceful, easy and fun
  • Business income doubling
  • Healed family relationships
  • Psoriasis disappearing in two days
  • Instantly manifesting travel
  • Migraines disappearing
  • Getting over the fear of flying
  • Cat allergies and pollen allergies 100% gone
  • Selling homes that have been sitting on the market
  • Relationship breakthroughs
  • New jobs and new businesses created
  • Unexpected cash
  • Multiple orgasms and sexual intimacy breakthroughs

“In all of my experiences with channelers and mediums as well as my natural gifts I was absolutely blown away by Ina & the Alchemists deep and instantaneous connection to me and what I truly needed and was struggling with. She shot right to the core and gave such loving divine direction. Tears of peace, happiness and freedom poured down my face. I am excitedly awaiting more!!”

– Jen Carter

And so much more!

And the secret sauce is that I don't do it alone. I bring in the big guns. I bring in my team of guides (the Alchemists, a collective of non-physical teachers and healers), and your team of angelic guides. The work that comes through is much bigger than you and me alone.

Yup. That means that our sessions go deep quickly because we are accessing the Divine Intelligence that is here to help you heal and release your blocks, while giving you the aerial perspective of Divine Guidance that you need.

So, if you are on the verge of something big. If you are feeling like you’ve done so much of the clearing, but you’re not quite there yet… that’s where our work together gets REALLY good.

In session after session, I am continually humbled by the profound transformation that happens in the people I work with. And I am reminded again and again that ANYTHING really is possible.

Are you ready to start releasing your limitations and creating new possibilities? Start by downloading my free ‘Prosperity Activation” MP3. This powerful guided activation brings you into the Theta brainwave, rewires your DNA, and basically updates your “internal software”. It will unwind subconscious scarcity beliefs, and help bring you into a new state of prosperity consciousness, while helping you release your blocks around money.

Ina Lukas

Look around my website at the different one-on-one programs, group workshops (that you can join from anywhere in the world), live events, free episodes of Soul Tea & Alchemy, downloadable recordings, and more. I always have new upcoming programs and offerings, so scroll down below for a sneak peek and stay tuned!

Do you want to gain clarity on an issue that is causing you stress? Are you ready to feel the freedom you desire in your life?  It always amazes me how in just one session The Alchemists can help you feel the deepest relief and peace, combined with new clarity on any issue that is causing you stress or grief. Book a one-on-one session with me today by clicking HERE.

Enjoy the Prosperity Activation and let me know what your experience was like and what unfolds for you. I’d love to hear from you!

So much love and appreciation,

Ina and the Alchemists

Upcoming Events and Programs

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KAIROS Healer's Initiation - August 26th - Sept 20th  
Join us for a month-long journey into activating the Healer's Codes within you.  This is a powerful series of four shamanic healing initiations that take you through the gateways of four Spirit Animal healers and the elements.
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Join us for a profoundly transformational shamanic money healing Journey.  This is a powerful series of four healing initiations that transform your relationship to money and wealth creation.  Next level transformation!
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Join Ina and Janet Raftis on a healing activation journey into the
Sacred Valley of Peru.  Experience the Spring Equinox in Machu Picchu!
New dates: March 16 - 23rd, 2022.  Two spots available!

Download this potent activation program instantly. 

If you're a parent trying to navigate the school situation, we've created a program just for you!  The Liberated Child - A Conscious Home Learning Program.  Ina homeschooled her kids for 16 years and is bringing all of that hands-on experience together for you in a shamanic parenting out-of-the box adventure. If you've been thinking about homeschooling your kids, this program may be just what you're looking for!