The medicine of your own love is the most healing substance on the planet.

This medicine is already inside you and holds every particle of healing that you need.

It was custom made for you. BY you. Formulated from your specific DNA, your ancestral gifts, all the skills you’ve mastered through past lifetimes, and the gifts of the traumas you have lived and healed. Each of these ingredients hold healing, and they are part of your medicine.

Your medicine is potent and powerful, filled with fire and grace. It’s penetrative and can rage in sacred anger at the injustices that have been done, while laughing uncontrollably at the cosmic joke of it all. It draws strong boundaries to that which consumes your life force energy. And it wraps its arms around you and cuddles you with the awe of a mother holding her newborn child.

Ina Lukas Hands

When you allow yourself to fully receive the medicine of your own love, an initiation occurs. And a global initiation is happening right now as more and more people awaken to the power within them.

You came here for these times and your mission is awakening.

My name is Ina (pronounced ee-nahhh) and I am a shamanic channel and soul lineage activator. I work with the keys and codes within you and the collective, bringing them fully online and summoning in your intuitive gifts and skills from all lifetimes. I support you in unschooling and unhooking your mind from the systems that have suppressed your innate magic.

The shamanic medicine that I work with is the medicine of your own love. Because nobody’s medicine is more powerful for you than your own.

Ina Lukas

The medicine of your own love is calling you home.

I invite you on a shamanic journey into the medicine of your own love.

Listen to a channeled activation that takes you on a healing journey all the way back to conception. It unravels the stories you’ve believed about yourself, allowing you to meet and experience the medicine of who you are and the potency of the love within you.  It’s a remembrance and a clearing that sets you free.

Would you like to experience the power of who you are?

I’ll send you the “The Medicine of Your Own Love” channeled healing activation to your email below.

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You are being summoned.

As your medicine comes alive inside of you, there is a summoning from within of what you are being called forth to do. And when we come together with others who are harnessing the power of their own medicine, that’s when we collectively create global change.

We’ve journeyed together before.

Are you being called to bring your healing gifts into the world?

Is there a pulsing within you to be of greater service to humanity?

The world needs healers more than ever, and we came for these times.

I invite you to join us in the KAIROS Healers Academy, a year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts. KAIROS is an ancient wisdom school, where our curriculum syncs and pulses with the cycles of the earth, the turning of the Wheel of the Year, bringing back the remembrance and activation of your gifts and skills from all lifetimes.

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Experience KAIROS

Your medicine is your superpower. It is your ticket to wholeness, depth, healing, and deeper understanding.

And when you stand in your badass, witchy power and you express your truth with a sense of safety, confidence, and wisdom: You are unstoppable.

Join us for a powerful KAIROS healing and activation of your voice and visibility:

Your children came for these times, too.

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Together, we are all awakening out of the systems that are no longer working. Just as you hold your own medicine inside of you, your children hold their own innate curriculum inside of them. 

As someone who homeschooled and unschooled my kids for sixteen years, I know that parents have the power to create a learning environment in which our kids thrive.

Are you seeking an alternative educational path for your kids? Join me for a conscious homeschooling workshop in which you’ll experience a powerful shamanic journey to connect with your family’s north star, your child’s innate curriculum, and the bigger path that’s unfolding:

Thank you for being the love that you are.
The world is ready for your medicine.

Interested in having me speak on your podcast, summit, or stage? Get in touch here.

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