Be Held in The Womb of Bali
November 3rd - 10th, 2018

Join Ina & the Alchemists at a private retreat center & spa on the beach in Northern Bali


Have the space to let go, release, and unwind
While being pampered and loved.


Connect with The Divine Feminine

Be held by Mama Bali and the loving energy of 
Ina and The Alchemists.

For the women who have been holding up the world, this is the space for the world to hold you.
To rest in the Divine Feminine that is Bali is a sacred gift.  To be nurtured in that womb. Coming home to your heart, to your true self.  

This retreat is for the women who take care of others, who hold the responsibility of the world on their shoulders.  The mothers, the daughters, the healers, the energy workers, the entrepreneurs, the supportive partners who spend time taking care of others, and who are ready to be held, supported and given the space to focus within.  

We are change-makers.  We are anchoring in the energy of the planetary shift.  We are doing our inner work.  We are called forth to be in service, beginning to access our greater gifts for the evolution of humanity.  We are diving into our shadows, fully empowered.  And we are giving birth to our creative selves.

Sometimes that's all a bit rough and messy, filled with tears, frustration and self doubt.

But from the depths of our awakening DNA, we know there's something bigger emerging within us.

Connect in to Your Creative Gifts

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers and healers) on an eight day retreat for women who are ready to be energetically held, loved, and supported in the blossoming of their hearts, spirits, and gifts of all lifetimes. 

This sacred retreat is designed to give you lots of spaciousness to let go, unplug, unwind, and unveil that which is ready to be born.  

You'll be supported through hands-on channeling with The Alchemists (literally - intimate, deep healing beyond anything done over the phone).  Ina will be bringing together multiple modalities of sound healing, sacred cacao, laughter meditation, crystal healing and energy work, and more to support you in deep transformation and release, while awakening you to your bigger gifts.

The Island of the Gods

Bali is a special place.  Sacred, beautiful, reverent, and healing. 

The island of Bali is held in an energetic field of appreciation and connection to the Divine, as millions of Balinese people live in ritual with the Hindu gods daily.  Every day they create Canung Sari, offerings to the gods in praise and prayer.  These palm leaf baskets filled with flowers, coins, incense and foodstuffs are created with a spirit of thankfulness, appreciation, protection, and loving attention to detail.  They fill homes, altars, temples and streets. 

The belief in karma and doing more good creates a gentleness of the Balinese heart.  From daily offerings in their homes, to ceremonial offerings at the sacred temples, this devotion to the Spirit world creates an energy field unlike any other place on earth.  

It's the connection to the Divine that permeates the entire culture and land of Bali, allowing the space for you to really heal.  To come undone.  To release old identities and old stories. To come home to your heart and be held by the love of Mama Bali.

Ritual. Renewal. Reconnection.  


This retreat is designed to allow the old to come undone.  To allow you to rejuvenate through spaciousness, pampering, down time, nature, and channeled healing. So that you can reemerge with a new sense of self and creativity.  Renewed. 

The Alchemists have repeatedly said, "Ritual is the container through which the sacred flows."  It's a statement that I have always taken deeply to heart.  Being in Bali allowed me to see what this truly means, as Bali is the physical manifestation of this.  

We will be connecting in to your personal rituals.  Connecting into your body temple. Connecting into your sacred self.  Finding the rituals that connect you to God/Spirit to bring home with you from the retreat. 

The Alchemists are taking you into the inner temple of the Divine Feminine, allowing you to relax and access a deeper source of the Creative You.

What's Included in the Bali Retreat Package?

  • • Seven nights accommodation.  Your own beautiful private bungalow/villa with bathroom.  Ocean view or garden view (You get to choose your room in the order that you sign up, so grab your spot soon!).
  • • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Daily.   Fresh local, Indonesian vegetarian cuisine with vegan/gluten-free options available.  
  • • Bali Sacred Temple Excursion  Touring a Balinese temple, Water Purification Ceremony, and exploring local markets. 
  • • Dolphin Sunrise Excursion.   Going out from our beach at sunrise in private fisherman boats to interact with wild dolphin pods. Sometimes there can be hundreds of dolphins!
  • Waterfall/ Trekking Excursion.   Visiting sacred, hidden waterfalls, guided on a trek through the jungle forest, through rich fruit trees, exploring the many plants, fruits and fauna.
  • Five days of two hour channeling workshops with The Alchemists.  Daily opportunities to get in the Love Seat with The Alchemists and receive hands-on healing, activations, and answers to your questions.  These intimate experiences with The Alchemists are life changing!
  • New Moon Sacred Ceremony, Live Channeled Activations with The Alchemists, Laughter Meditation, Sacred Cacao Ceremony, 5D Alignment Practices and more. All happening with the flow of the group energy... on the beach, in our private temple, etc.
  • Sea kayaks and snorkeling gear.  Available to you at any time from our private beachfront.
  • Airport Transport.  Their will be private shuttles leaving each day of arrival and departure to either Ubud or the Denpasar Airport.

Your own private sacred sanctuary for the week...

Your own private beautiful Balinese bathroom... 

What's NOT Included in the Retreat Package?

  • • Roundtrip Airfare.  Book your flight into Denpasar, Indonesia (Airport code DPS) Ngurah Rai International Airport (also known as I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport).  
  • Additional meals.  There will be a couple dinners and lunches where we'll be visiting local restaurants.
  • Personal, Medical or Travel insurance.   You decide what you need. I encourage a "Cancel for Any Reason" insurance that would cover any unknowns.  
  • Spa services.  There's a spa on site!  You can get private massages for $17 USD for one hour or $38 USD for a five hour Spa Day and include a Flower Bath for $14 USD extra.  There's a whole menu of spa services... Pedicures ($10), manicures ($10), facials ($10), body scrubs, reflexology ($10/hour).  You'll have plenty of time to pamper yourself daily!
  • Scuba Diving with a Divemaster right by our doorstep.  Cost is $25 per excursion with all the gear included, if you'd like to dive between sessions during the retreat.  I'll be diving for sure!
  • Souvenirs, shopping, phone calls, laundry. Other personal items.
  • Additional Excursions.  Anything you choose to do outside of our planned Bali Retreat.
  • Extend your stay. I encourage you to spend at least an extra day (or several more!) to explore southern Bali.  I'll be going to Ubud after the retreat. Ubud is the spiritual central hub filled with wonderful markets, temples, amazing restaurants, the Bali Swing, the Sacred Monkey Forest, and so much more.  You can join me for Sound Healing in the Pyramids of Chi!  We can continue to have fun together after the retreat.

Our Private Retreat Center & Spa...
Dolphins, Snorkeling, Kayaking, and Swimming Pool

Our Sacred Ceremony Space...

Daily Channeling here with The Alchemists 

What's a retreat experience with Ina & The Alchemists like? 
From the Mayan Alchemy Retreat ...

"It's been two months since the Mayan Alchemy Retreat, and I'm still finding it hard to put the experience into words.  I am just beginning to understand the depth of the work we did there, which was profound in each moment and set me more solidly on a trajectory back to my true self!  I'll try to capture the essence of my experience in Tulum...

Over the years, I've participated in many forms of growth and transformation work-this retreat had the best parts of each, and then some!  There was space and opportunity to be alone and process, time to connect/play with other individuals in the group, deep sessions with Ina and The Alchemists, laughter (SO much laughter!), ceremony, meditation, etc.  And the group dynamic was unbelievable!  It brought depth, levity, love/compassion and sacredness to the experience...I was blown away! It's always amazing how the perfect combination of souls come together, creating a synergistic transformation experience...truly magical.  The bonds created (remembered) are deep and lasting. 

I'm not a big traveler, and comfort/ease is key when I DO venture away from home.  This is especially true when I'm attending personal growth workshops/retreats...I typically wait for something local.  Ina and Nicole created THE most amazing experience for us in Tulum, and were the most gracious hostesses in our Hacienda away from home!!  First...the location.  The energy of Tulum was as important as any other detail, and it felt like the natural world was interacting with us to support and aid our expansion.  The stars, the ocean, the sun, the wind, the rain...again, magical is the only word to describe it!!   The fore-thought around creature comforts (our Hacienda was crazy-awesome!!!), the delicious meals, the way Ina and Nicole allowed for fluidity in the daily schedules based on group energy...I felt so incredibly taken care of, supported.  The love that went into planning each detail of the retreat was evident, and it far exceeded what I imagined it could be.  I'm so glad I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, because in the end, my zone of comfort expanded 🙂  

Seriously, this doesn't do justice to explaining how amazing this Mayan Alchemy Retreat was...and it continues to unfold for me.  I have deep appreciation for Ina and Nicole and their respective gifts, and I would recommend this type of experience to anyone on the path of personal transformation.  Bring your best intentions and an open heart, and it will all unfold perfectly and magically!!"

- Carrie Kochevar

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of Bali?

Bali Retreat
Package Pricing

Total Package Price for the Bali Retreat:

One Payment of $3,333 for a private room with King bed.

One Payment of $3,111 for a private room with Twin bed.

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Mayan Alchemy Retreat Experience... 

Margan Holloway

"I have been thinking of the words that can possibly describe my experience. I will say that for the particular time and space in my life, when the trip was announced it resonated with me and there was no chance of not going. I had no expectations and went in with my heart and mind open.

Since I have had a session with Ina via a call, I wasn't sure how much I was going to share/participate in front of people I didn't know and had a bit of anxiety about it (my life at the time was full of anxiety). Fast forward to February 19 as we all descended upon the most beautiful Villa in Tulum surrounded by swaying palm trees full of coconuts, an inviting pool and the ocean at our tippy toes. It was magical. We had a lovely dinner prepared by our private Chefs, Victor and Henny, who provided us with the most amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Then off to bed in my private suite.

Each day we had two, two hour workshops; one after breakfast and one after dinner. Ina and Nicole would plan different topics or themes for us and each session was amazing. Daily mediation was so loving and relaxing, talking with the Alchemists brought light and guidance as well as healing and transformation. I especially enjoyed the laughter meditation and recommend that often!!! I thought we had been laughing for 15 minutes when in reality it was 40 minutes!!! So much fun and energizing.

For me, the daily meditation allowed the questions I had to come forth and I was able to ask the Alchemists without hesitation or worry. The group of us became very connected and it was felt by all. I trusted my tribe and had no fear of what others might think. During our closing session my biggest question had revealed itself and I was able to receive everything the Alchemists gave to me. I  left feeling light and full of love. Those feelings have not left and my life feels easier, more simple, focused and stuff just rolls off my back.

I can't tell you the love I feel for our tribe and especially Ina and Nicole for seeing the beauty this experience would bring to us."

I'll See You on The Island of The Gods!

Ina Lukas helps people break through their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily with Divine Guidance. She channels a collective of non-physical teachers called the Alchemists.  

Together with the Alchemists, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, financial fears, business blocks, health issues, and more.  

Ina works one-on-one with clients and creates group workshops and retreats to help people dive through their blocks and bring to life the specific gifts that they've been given. 

Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. She lives and plays in her magical treehouse in Encinitas, California.