Are you feeling things accelerating?  
How are you navigating these new energetic shifts?

What if  there were some tools to assist you in these wild times?

Join Ina Lukas and Daniel Scranton in this four week course designed to assist you in navigating through a new energetic field.   We'll be bringing in our channeled team of guides to help you more easily anchor into your 5th Dimensional self.

We'll teach you to find your vibrational signature, how to feel into your current vibration, clear what you need to clear, and finally, how to offer the vibration you prefer to create your reality with. We will explore the power of using your voice to make tones and sounds that will alter your vibration and point of creation.

During this four week workshop, there will be two channeled Q&A calls.  Ina will channel The Alchemists and Daniel will channel The Creators on the topic of Bringing 5D to You.  You'll have an opportunity to get in the "Love Seat" and ask your questions to either The Alchemists or The Creators during the Q&A portions.

There will be two calls in addition to the Q&A's in which Daniel and Ina will teach you and lead you in exercises to help you navigate and attune to 5D frequencies.  Ina will lead One Command exercises taking you into the Theta brainwave and offer a "Bringing 5D to You" activation from The Alchemists. Daniel will lead meditations, vibration adjustments, and toning exercises to help us anchor into our 5D abilities to create what we desire.

We’ll be recording each week and sending out the recordings right after the end of class. So if you cannot attend for any of the four weeks, you can always submit questions beforehand and hear the answers on the recordings.

You can join from anywhere in the world via phone and/or computer – your choice!

If you can’t make it for any of the classes, that’s not a problem. You can listen to the recording and email any questions you have for the Q&A portions. Join us!

When are the classes happening?

First Class: Thursday, June 29th from 2pm-4pm Pacific/5pm-7pm Eastern/ 10:00pm UK/ 
Friday 7:00am Sydney
(Channeled Q&A with The Alchemists and The Creators)

Second Class: Wednesday, July 5th from 2:00pm-4pm Pacific/5:00pm-7:00pm Eastern/Thursday 7:00am Sydney
(Daniel teaching how to use and create with your vibrational signature, plus a "Bringing 5D to You" Activation with The Alchemists)

Third Class: Thursday, July 13th from 2:00pm-4:00pm Pacific/5:00pm-7:00pm Eastern
(Channeled Q&A with The Alchemists and The Creators)

Fourth Class: Thursday, July 20th from 2:00pm-4:00pm Pacific/5:00pm-7:00pm Eastern
(Daniel's channeled Yeshua meditation and toning to alter your point of creation, plus Ina taking you through a Theta brainwave process to fast track your creation process)

Click HERE to find the time in your international time zone.

If you’re feeling a “Yes,” follow your guidance.  We hope you'll join us on this powerful journey.  

Cost is $159 for the four week course.

Click here to register and save your spot.

What if everything was becoming possible?

What others have said about working with Daniel & The Creators...

Thank you so much, Daniel!! I really enjoyed speaking with The Creators. I was very excited to speak to them but also a little nervous. They were so amazing and helped me feel comfortable right away. I really appreciated their loving guidance and really felt like I was speaking to an old friend♥️. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gifts with the world.


The Creators feel where you are on your path and give you the insights on how to move ahead in an exciting way, using words you can easily hear and apply.

Kristien van Evelghem 

I’m very grateful to know The Creators. I feel their unconditional love which brings me in a higher vibration. I can ask anything I want. The answer comes right from his heart. I know them; they feel like family to me. I feel their energy flow and it makes me joyful.

Lien Peppermans

What others have said about working with Ina & The Alchemists...

Wow what an evening with Ina and The Alchemists! I loved listening to the wisdom that came through The Alchemists, I loved the humor they have and how they would catch us off guard to melt away resistance. Each person in the Hot Seat was a gift to the group, even if their particular question seemed to not apply to you by the end of the session you gleamed Source wisdom that applied to each of us. What an absolute blessing to share this experience with all of you.

Ramona Mucciolo

Another incredible couple of hours spent with Ina and the Alchemists! Ina’s energy is just so light and happy and loving, and the answers from the Alchemists are amazing. I got something out of every single person’s answer, and I know I’ll get even more from listening to the recording. I felt such a burst of energy after attending this morning.

Katie Jimmerson

Great balls of awesomeness!  I just had a channeling session with Ina Lukas​, Goddess of Awesomeness, and it absolutely ROCKED. I had a question and got deep yummy truth pouring all over the place as it flowed through her... an exquisite energetic transmission of deep resonance, beautiful wisdom and that-feeling-that's-beyond-words-but-just-feels-wowie-good. HIGHLY recommended... but only if you like awesomeness and deep truth emanating from your cells, yum yum yum.

Anne Hart                  

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