What Does Love Look Like When You
Let Go of Fear?

What does love feel like when you create a new paradigm of
relationship that is free from your old patterns and belief systems?

Relationships are the most powerful playground for personal growth and awakening.  Conscious relationships allow us to do our shadow work, to see our old patterns, and reveal our blindspots.

And they also allow us to experience heightened levels of love like never before.  Our hearts have an unlimited capacity to feel ever-expanding love as we shed each layer of protection.  

There is SO MUCH that is available in relationships when you let down your walls, communicate in total honesty and authenticity, and allow your heart to be vulnerable and generous when it wants to shut down.

There's the romanticized version of love that we see in movies.  
Fall in love and live happily ever after.

But the truth is, behind the closed doors of most long term relationships...

Money issues are tearing them apart, they're not being honest with their partner, the magic is gone, the passive aggressive (control/victim/savior) behavior is there.  There's the stress of work, depression, parenting, and sex feels obligatory or routine.  They grow in different directions, and stay together (or don't communicate) because it's more comfortable to stay in a shut down relationship than to be honest with themselves and their partners.  

So their relationship stays in the status quo because of fear.  Fear of abandonment, fear of not being lovable, fear of being alone, fear of losing financial security, fear of not wanting to upset the apple cart of their family, children, and friends.  And the buried anger and resentment grows.

But what if a whole new possibility, excitement and aliveness was available in your relationship?  What if letting go of that fear and being generous with your heart transformed your current relationship into an awakened love affair?  Or allowed you both to move on to new relationships that were a better match for where you both are in your life's journey?

The thing is, there is no right or wrong in the unfolding of a relationship, other than our attachment to what we believe it should look like.  Our relationships are a tool that we use to get to the core of who we are and ultimately heal our relationships with ourselves.  They just happen to come with the added benefit of physical intimacy, tenderness, partnership and sensuous pleasure poured on top.  Which is what makes truly awakened, conscious relationships so divinely delicious.

Let's enter the realm of Fifth Dimensional love.  
Love without boundaries created from a new paradigm of conscious heart connection.

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) on a journey of channeled activations, Q&A sessions, and leading edge teachings designed to help you transform who you're being in relationships, and to help you create a whole new level of intimate, conscious love.

 A New Paradigm of Love...

"In the old paradigm of relationships there is an underlying frequency of protection and fear, meaning that old programs are running how you commit to relationships, how you communicate in relationships, and how you stay or don’t stay in relationships.  So in essence, it comes from a shut down heart that keeps relationships smaller, tighter, more controlled, less free.

Whereas in the new relationship paradigm, you are allowing your heart to be more open than you ever have before, and so there’s an inherent generosity that comes in the communication, in the intimacy, and in the long term creation of the relationship. 

There is a whole playground of freedom from which a relationship can be created, where both partners are acknowledging and looking into their shadows and willing to be there with their partner in that harder work, because that’s a huge component of it. Compassion for your partner, in their shadows, and compassion for yourself in your shadows, and being in relationship where that can expressed, where it can be talked through, where it can be healed, transformed, alchemized into a whole new playground of love.  

When your heart keeps opening in that way, most humans have not even experienced what’s truly possible in unlimited conscious love in an intimate relationship."

– The Alchemists

Here are some of the topics we cover...

  • Radical honesty, transparency, and authentic communication.  How do you open your heart completely and allow yourself to get vulnerable through empowered communication?
  • Physical intimacy and heart-based communication.  How honest, authentic communication creates the most intimate, energetic, dynamic love making.
  • Conscious uncoupling vs bitter divorce.  How do you lovingly end a marriage and uncouple from your spouse?  And how do you do that when children are involved?  What's possible in creating new forms of family?
  • Codependency. The roles that we play in relationships such as  victim and savior.
  • Control and powerlessness. All the games we play in passive/aggressive behavior.
  • Learning how to consciously uncouple in order to learn how to recouple in a more healthy way. Loving your way OUT of a relationship (or old patterns in a relationship) is one of the most powerful ways to learn how to be there for your partner IN relationship.
  • Living outside the "norms" of marriage.  Committing to soul contracts vs marriage, and alternative ways of being in long-term, committed relationships.
  • Embracing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  What happens in the dynamics of our relationships as we step more deeply into our masculine or feminine power?  The roles on the planet are changing, and there is a calling to create new forms of masculinity and femininity that are in balance with each other.
  • Staying in a "pretty good" relationship vs creating an amazing relationship.  How do you know when you're staying for the wrong reasons, even though it's pretty good overall? And how do you know when you can make a "pretty good" relationship amazing?
  • A stingy heart vs a generous heart.  What it looks like to "step in" when you want to step back.  And the miracles that can happen when you're radically generous with your heart.  How do you keep your heart open when it's much easier to keep it closed?

This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to transform, deepen, and bring new juicy life into your current relationship.
  • You’re single and ready to call in your new love from a place of what's REALLY possible in relationships.
  • You're in a relationship/marriage that you are questioning or want to end, but you don't know how to do it with grace and love.  Maybe you don't know whether to break up or stay together, but you know that something needs to change.
  • You understand that you are responsible for the patterns you've created in your relationships, and you are ready and willing to transform those patterns and look at your blind spots and shadows to create what's possible for you in your relationships.
  • You want to have FUN along the way and hear zesty, intimate, authentic, honest conversations with Divine Intelligence, filled with depth, laughter and levity (This is a new paradigm relationship PLAYGROUND - we are going to have sensuous fun!).

What’s included in the
Conscious Relationship Program



These four sessions had participants get in the Love Seat with The Alchemists and ask them questions on all aspects of relationships.  You will gain all the answers and insight from everyone’s questions in the Love Seat, which often is exactly what you needed to hear. These group calls are where the most profound and deep conversations occur, with major insights into your current situation.  (90 minutes each)


The Alchemists take you on a deep activation journey into the Theta brainwave, assisting us in clearing old self-defeating relationship programming from our DNA, while rewiring our DNA and creating new paradigm shifts to open our hearts to new forms of loving relationship.  This is a process of awakening a deeper knowing within you and causing cellular shifts in your system. There is also a cord cutting process that happens in this activation.


This journey is designed to help you unravel your old patterns that keep you shut down in your relationships. There are handouts designed for deeper self inquiry into your relationship patterns, journaling, and accountability.  Plus, The Alchemists give you "homework" after each call to take the teachings further.


Ina teaches from her background of what's possible in relationships.  How she consciously uncoupled from a 19 year marriage with two kids, and the new chapter of their family that is even more empowered, connected, love-filled and free.  And also how she and her partner, Richard, consciously uncoupled from their current relationship only to let go of old patterns that weren't working, in order to create a powerful new relationship together.


There's a bonus recording with Bjorn and Brie who discuss how to radically redesign your marriage to bring sexiness, freshness, raw authenticity, honesty and aliveness into your long term relationship.  They are a living example of what's possible, living in a new paradigm, traveling the world with their kids, living authentic lives, while falling more in love with each other all the time.

"What you will learn in this course will translate into your friendships, it will translate into your family relationships. This course really is about relationship itself. The biggest relationship is your own relationship with yourself and your own relationship with your habits, patterns and shadow work.  And as you transform that, every single relationship in your life has the ability to get better and better."

– The Alchemists

Are you ready to transform your relationships?

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This may have been one of the most life changing programs Ina and The Alchemists have done. Whether you are single, married, or looking for a partnership, this program will change how you are in ALL relationships. 

"I love you, Richard and Ina!!! You both showed up in answer to my pondering on what true love acts and looks like.  I'll always refer to your relationship as a 'how-to' guide 😉 I mean that from my heart...you've so beautifully put into action what nobody teaches us, and I'm grateful that you have been so open and willing to let us take it in...all of the love, all of the challenges, all of the healing."

– Carrie Kochevar


What about people who are single who are ready to call in their soul mate.  What will this program do for them, without a relationship, so that they can call IN the new paradigm relationship?

"If you are in a place of calling in a new relationship, the transmissions, understandings, and activations that will come through the course of this program will catapult you, quantum leap you forward into what’s actually possible in relationship that you could not see before. So you will be doing your own internal healing work through this course, meaning developing the most important relationship, which is that with yourself. And simultaneously, new awarenesses will be activated in you that will elevate you to the frequency of the real partner that you actually want to be a match to. So if we were single, we would most definitely be diving into this program, lining ourselves up completely with the creation of calling in your true soul partner. It’s the frequency of twin flames.  It’s a high potency boosting of your mating signal that will occur in this program."

What about people who are in a relationship, but their partner isn’t as conscious, and their partner may not be willing to co-participate. Is this program for me?

"That is exactly why you should be in this program, because clearly there’s a communication breakdown already in your relationship. And that inability to converse consciously about your relationship is what’s holding the relationship back. So if one partner wants to be in this course, but is not convinced that the other partner will, the one partner will benefit immensely from being in this because they will be doing their own relationship work which opens up their heart and opens up the lines of communication with their partner.

And we will say, be unattached to the outcome because your partner may open up in the most miraculous way and blow your mind once you open your heart. It may be that YOUR heart was the one that was shut down, when you thought it was your partner’s the whole time. Or it could go the other direction, but no matter what, if you want freedom and aliveness in your relationship, you have to be willing to jump in and open your heart, and how your partner reacts is up to them. But how YOU are in relationship is fully up to you. That’s the one thing that you CAN shift, that you CAN change."

What about someone who is in a relationship that feels like a soulmate relationship, but there are so many issues and problems and they are really debating should I stay or should I go.  How would they benefit from this program?

"That’s the ultimate playground to be in, because in that state of feeling so much love for a human being, but finding specific aspects that aren’t fully working out, that’s the most ideal situation for the biggest breakthrough. If you are willing to dive deep into your own shadows, into opening YOUR heart. And if your partner is also willing to go there, too, it really can go in either direction, but whatever direction it goes, you’ll be blown out of the water by how empowered you are and how much more love you have access to in either staying together or ending the relationship. You can end the relationship with the most immense love and growth for both partners involved. So we will be playing with you there, and that is Ina’s favorite playground to play in, so there will be much there for those who are in that position."

How about someone for who this new relationship paradigm is so new, so foreign, that it feels like another planet that this kind of love exists, let alone be available to them.  How do they bridge that awareness that this is possible?

"If what you are reading here ignites something in you, stirs something in you, even though it may feel foreign.  If you are being activated and lit up by what you are reading here, the new paradigm of love and relationship is calling you in.  And there aren’t as many examples of the new relationship paradigm out there, so most people don’t have a clue what that looks like which is why this program is being created.

We are bringing in Brie and Bjorn who have such an outside the box new paradigm love relationship of a couple decades that shows people what’s possible in the new paradigm. Ina has played extensively in the new relationship paradigm and it is her highest excitement. She will be sharing powerful stories of her experience because she never had a role model for this and she wishes she had heard these stories beforehand so that she knew what was possible which is why she wants to share these stories with all of you. Once you know what’s possible, then your system starts to resonate at a different frequency because that becomes activated in you."

How is this program different from other relationship programs that are available?

"This program is specifically focused on the consciousness of relationship itself.  Meaning the multi-layered approach of your relationship with your own heart opening up, your own relationship with your heart and yourself.  And there is not an attachment to what the outcome looks like. There’s more of a focus of how to empower yourself in whatever relationship you are in. So it is going at relationships from a new perspective. And we will be covering the basis of conscious uncoupling and what that looks like as an amazing tool in any healthy relationship that stays together.

This program is also channeled, so you are receiving guidance in the form of relationship consciousness from 12th Dimensional teachers which come from the place of unconditional love. So the receiving of the transmissions and teachings in this program are coming from the frequency of unconditional love.

Plus, it’s fun. It will be levity filled, it will be laser focused, extremely deep, very healing, and it will help you in every relationship in your life.

If there is some material that is not relevant to you in the moment, it will be relevant to your friends, to your family. You will become a much better resource for those in your community when you have a broader perspective that you can help your friends and family as they are traversing their relationships. It’s a tool box of resources and possibilities that you will be gleaning that will benefit you and other people in your life."

For people who this is a big act of self love to invest in and they want to get the most out of it.  How can they show up for the program to receive the life changing value that will be available?

"First and foremost they are showing up for themselves, not for anybody else.  We want you to get that because so often people are doing things to GET the partner, to GET the relationship, to have their partner stay to make it better.  So if you are getting full body yes’s, full body nudges, if you are feeling what’s possible for you in this program, you will benefit immensely from the transformation that will occur in you during the course. So show up first and foremost for yourself.  There will be exercises to take the work deeper internally in terms of questions and journaling.  We will give you inquiries to take the work deeper within yourself.  If you are willing to show up for yourself in this program and open your heart to what’s possible for you, it’s going to shift your relationship with money, too. Because a big part of relationships is not being able to receive and not feeling worthy of experiencing that which is of greatest benefit to you and your soul expansion."

What is the ripple effect in our world that people are going to be a part of by participating in this program?

"The consciousness on your planet is shifting at great speed into a heart-based consciousness.  And so the role of those who are resonant with this work is to engage in it. Meaning that when you go through a transformation that opens you up to the new relationship paradigm, not only is your system transformed in the process, but it affects everybody in your life because you will be speaking from a new vantage point, your heart will be more open, your heart will be more generous in all relationships which activates other people in their process of opening their hearts, too. So the ripple effects are huge. When you open your heart, it affects everyone in your life, and it gives others permission to open their hearts, too.  To be more generous with their love and to open up their close minded views of what’s possible in love.

So the new relationship paradigm IS coming in. And those of you here on the Leading Edge are the ones that are bringing it.  So why not dive deep?  Why not go there?"

– The Alchemists

Are you ready to create new love?

Here's what other people have had to say about working with Ina & The Alchemists...


“Wow what an evening with Ina and The Alchemists! I loved listening to the wisdom that came through The Alchemists, I loved the humor they have and how they would catch us off guard to melt away resistance. Each person in the Hot Seat was a gift to the group, even if their particular question seemed to not apply to you by the end of the session you gleamed Source wisdom that applied to each of us. What an absolute blessing to share this experience with all of you."

Ramona Mucciolo


"What you do, is stunning. People should GRAB this amazing opportunity to work one on one with you, while it’s still affordable!! You get to have one-on-one therapy directly with God! How much is THAT worth??!! Imagine being able to work one-on-one, once a week, with Esther Hicks and Abraham; but actually it’s even much, much better than that. I always felt like I was just pasting over my emotions; pasting over my stuff. Just, lalala, I’m going to ignore that anger that I feel; ignore that sadness. Ina and the Alchemists assist you to truly work through your stuff. You work THROUGH it, and TRANSFORM it. Transform Yourself. Transform your life. My life is totally transforming. I finally KNOW what it means, to BE IN MY POWER. I didn’t understand what that meant. The Alchemists gave me embodying exercises to GET IT. I finally GET, all of that stuff that I’ve been reading about for years and years. I get it. I AM in my Power. I am NOW in my Power. I am NOW allowing in ALL THAT GOOD that is mine. Ina and the Alchemists finally truly helped me get it. Run. Sign up with her while she’s still available."

Carolyn Ryden


“Another incredible couple of hours spent with Ina and the Alchemists! Ina’s energy is just so light and happy and loving, and the answers from the Alchemists are amazing. I got something out of every single person’s answer, and I know I’ll get even more from listening to the recording. I felt such a burst of energy after attending this morning."

Katie J.


“I’m not the kind of guy who opens up about personal things, particularly not in front of a group! So I’m not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for this program except to say that there was something about Ina that made me trust her. I’m so glad that I did! She has a way of putting everyone immediately at ease by her naturally down-to-earth, open and vulnerable demeanor. Plus she has a great laugh which always keeps things light and fun!

The combination of talking to her guides, The Alchemists, every week plus the ongoing Facebook support group is a magical combination. It’s hard to effectively describe the depth of the answers you receive during the calls. They gently go right to the root of where you’re stuck, helping you release the blockages with ease. Plus, having an ongoing support system of others that I can talk to anytime during the week has been way more helpful than I ever thought it would be.

In eight short weeks, I watched in amazement as some of my life-long barriers simply faded away, allowing me to easily move forward in my new coaching business. As a result, I’ve already attracted a number of new clients and have scheduled my first-ever, public business workshop which is already filling up. Plus, I have 10 new friends that I can share my ongoing journey with!

All in all, the Prosperity Mastermind program has been one of the most life-changing events I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, Ina!”

Kevin Young, AAC, BSET
Personal Success Programs LLC


"It was absolutely fantastic!! I came with the question on my mind knowing it would be answered not by talking directly to the Alchemists, but just by listening. Fantastic part is that the Alchemists did not answer only my one question but also many other ones that I had in the back of my head. Thank you Kevin and Suzanne for the great event! I am very great-full!"



"Amazing! Ina is so full of love, humor, patience, and professionalism. Couldn’t ask for a more genuine facilitator."

Jill Johnson


"The energy was palpable from the first moment – building to a powerful intensity. I expected to relate to some of the questions & answers, but never expected to relate on a personal level to each one! So happy to have been a part of this experience."

Susan Beaver


"Amazing!!!! No words do justice for the shift I experienced."

Mary Schafer


"This experience eclipses mere mortal words."

Kathy Denton


"Since working with Ina and the Alchemists my life has changed in an epic fashion, seriously. Although I was already knowledgeable about the Law of Attraction and had been successful at creating my own reality in many areas of my life, it was so helpful to get what the Alchemists would call a more “aerial” perspective. It can be difficult to see your own “stuff” and I had epiphany after epiphany about my own limiting beliefs in the areas of prosperity, relationships and self-love. This has been a total game-changer for me. I have gone from feeling disempowered by a controlling relationship to knowing I would never tolerate or attract a similar relationship in the future. I feel fully in charge of the creation of my own prosperity. My new feelings of empowerment and the establishment of my own boundaries has improved every relationship in my life, from family members, to colleagues and friends. New business opportunities are arising, seemingly out of the blue. I am emitting a different energy and the world around me is responding accordingly. I am no longer the same person that I was before I began working with Ina. I am an empowered version of myself and I expect my life to continue to improve in ways I cannot yet even imagine. If you have the chance to work with Ina, I would do whatever you can do to make that investment in your well being. You will remember it as a life-changing decision."

Sharon Peterson


"Ina is an outstanding group leader. Energetic, kind, compassionate, creative, and FUN FUN FUN! She is so intuitive and leads from her heart. I would (and have) absolutely recommend her to my friends."

Gaile Burchill