Divine Sacred Union

Everything is amplifying around us in the balance of Feminine and Masculine energies.  We're witnessing the balance of power shifting in our collective consciousness, as we see it in the forefront of our politics and social landscape.

In order to balance those energies in the outside world, we must balance that energy within ourselves.  

When we create union between the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine within ourselves, we begin to summon the depth of what's possible in relationships.  

But first and foremost we must nurture and nourish that Divine Sacred Union within.  

Are you ready to experience the
Sacred Union of Your Divine Self?

Listen to this recording of The Alchemists channeling on Divine Sacred Union and the healing of our collective wounds. 

The Kavanaugh hearings are creating a heightened environment of bringing sexual assault to the foreground. This drama of male of abuse of power is held in all of us, male and female, from this lifetime and from all lifetimes.

As so many people are having trauma wounds triggered right now, Timothy and Ina wanted to bring through a higher perspective of healing of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine wounds, and the healing of them within ourselves. 

Timothy and Ina have traversed lifetimes together as healers/shamans.  The Alchemists have said that our energy together in this life holds the field of Divine Sacred Union and the rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies. 

So in this recording, Ina channeled The Alchemists with Timothy pulling the energy through on the other side.  

This recording holds the energy field of the Divine Sacred Union workshop that we are creating.  We are holding this space for all of you, as you come together to create deeper healing within yourselves and for the collective of humanity. 

"Ritual is the container through which the Sacred flows."
-The Alchemists

Join us for a Night of Alchemy & Sacred Ceremony. 

Enter the holy temple. 

This will be an intimate group experience in a 5D playground with hands-on healing, channeling, sacred ceremony, hybrid shamanism, contemporary mysticism, deep transformation and fun.

We will be co-creating the energetic landscape that facilitates Divine Sacred Union within you - the balancing of the Divine Masculine and the Sacred Feminine within ourselves. 

By balancing this union within ourselves, we bring harmony into our lives that lays the foundation for healthy conscious partnerships (whether you're currently in a relationship or calling one in), an increased receptivity of prosperity, and greater well being in our physical bodies.

Come tap into your power of mastery. Your value is beyond reckoning.
Come share it with us.  

Are you ready to enter the Sacred Temple?

Ina Lukas channels a collective of non-physical teachers and healers called The Alchemists. They are laser focused on helping you transform your biggest money, health and relationship blocks quickly and easily, by turning your perceived limitations into gold. The Alchemists bring through powerful, leading edge wisdom on the topics of prosperity, health, career, intuition, relationships and more.

Together with the Alchemists, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, financial fears, business blocks, health issues, and more. 

Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. She lives in her magic treehouse in Encinitas, California.  And is coming to Michigan for this event to play with her beloved Soul Brother, Timothy. 

“What I love about Ina and the Alchemists is their ability to get to the heart of the question and hold you there until it shifts. If you want real solutions to the issues you’ve been carrying around for a lifetime, I mean, if you are really ready to shift, this is your opportunity! Other channels give you things to think about and shift on your own… the Alchemists, in their loving and humorous way, clear it up, right then & there. Next thing you know, your life has improved immeasurably!

Asking the Alchemists a question is like getting in the hotseat with Abraham, only deeper, because they get right to the heart of your question and lovingly hold you there until it shifts internally. Life long issues are forever changed in the matter of minutes. Hallelujah!”

     - Joanna Withey

Timothy is the founder of Academy of Inner Design. As a holistic and spiritual therapeutic healing facilitator, he specializes in family and childrens' issues, especially young adults and individuals who feel incomplete, lost, suffer from anxiety, depression, bullyism, PTSD and trauma, GLBTQ or non-binary issues, in particular those who have failed to bond and/or connect with a parent(s) in a healthy manner, or to thrive in life. His firm but loving, intuitive yet unorthodox, and sassy approach to addressing past conditioning, grooming, and patterning by parents, self, or society gives clients the spiritual toolbox to create and model the paradigm of their soul-satisfying life. He also assists seekers of all ages to further and deepen their connection to themselves, God, their spiritual birthright, gifts, talents, and treasures. This is done in a holistic body/mind/spirit integrative approach, in order to become the best version of themselves that they and God have created and designed themselves to be at the deepest soul level. He aims to be the kind of person to others that he would have liked to have in his life as a child & young adult.

He has studied across the globe with the top metaphysical teachers, psychics, and mediums, as well as many other facilitators of energy healing modalities. Born and raised a Catholic, he continues his deep devotion to the Christ Consciousness, the Virgin Mary, and ritual, and is currently  enrolled in a Spiritualist Minister program. His unending love and passion for the study of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life for almost a decade, has led him to become a Kabbalah coach for families, couples, and individuals. He now shares, teaches, and promotes healing and personal development through his decades of personal growth, experiences, and challenges in all of these arenas. He has been chosen to bring through Baladar ( a compassionate consciousness collective of 4,000 beings of Light, in conjunction with the Divine masculine) and Kayoo (a compassionate consciousness collective of the same 4,000 beings of Light, in conjunction with the Sacred feminine) to the world, to help assist humans and the planet with multidimensional activations, and the ascension process.

In addition, he’s the loving cat Dad to three furbabies: Thomas, Tasha, and Tatiana. 

“Working with Timothy has transformed my life. His mad ass skill set, teams of Angels, and immense heart have allowed me to release all kinds of crazy critters and patterns.  I am forever changed and eternally grateful. ”

     - Aleksandra S.

Experience the Soul Alchemy of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine as it comes through Timothy & Ina.

Timothy and Ina have traveled through many lifetimes together, doing their different forms of shamanic healing, wizardry, and alchemy together.   

Their healing energy together is very potent (true alchemy!), and their skill sets are very complementary to each other. Their re-union in this lifetime is designed to bring through new forms of transformation.

Thursday, October 4th from 7:00pm - 10:00pm 

The location is at a private residence in Birmingham, Michigan.

$222 for this transformational experience. 

We invite you to join us!

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Come join us for a transformational night!