Releasing the Root Belief that "I'm a Bad Person"

Saturday Soul Tea & Alchemy: Episode 39

"I'm a bad person and when people really see what's wrong with me they're not going to love me."

Do you ever feel like you're covering your self-perceived faults with smoke and mirrors?

Today's Soul Tea and Alchemy conversation is very powerful if you've been running a subconscious program that there's something wrong with you.  That you're not good enough, or that you're a bad person.  The Alchemists take us into releasing enslavement codes of lifetimes of religious persecution, powerlessness, and so much more. 

Here is this week's question:

"For so much of my life I have struggled with feeling like I'm a bad person.  It's a deep feeling that is at the root of so many areas of my life.  Feeling guilty about doing things wrong.  Or feeling like people won't love me when they find out that I really am a bad person.  I'm realizing how exhausting it is to hold that core belief, as it's subconsciously draining my energy and making me dim my own light in fear of being found out.  I'm so done with this feeling.  How can I release this?"

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This Soul Tea & Alchemy video is a conversation with The Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers)​ that are channeled through Ina Lukas. Every week we will choose one person's question to answer on Saturday Morning Soul Tea and Alchemy.

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  • December 17, 2017

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