I didn’t ask to be a channel.

It wasn’t something that I was out there seeking to do.

It was something that I just couldn’t stop from coming through me.

I would start to hear words, to receive messages. I would get the feeling of wild horses at the gate when I was talking to somebody, that there were these messages that needed to come through for them and I just had to get them out of my mouth.

They weren't messages from me. They were messages coming through me.

What do I mean by being a “channel”? I mean I would receive “blocks of thought” from my Guides that I would directly translate, allowing that Divine Guidance to literally speak through me.

And the impact that these messages were having on people humbled me completely. The floodgates would open. The a-ha’s were profound. The tears would flow. Lifelong issues would start to transform and lighten. Physical healings would start to happen.

And so there came a point where I stopped resisting and gave in. I realized that I didn’t have a choice in the matter. If I was given this gift without asking for it, I would be wasting a gift from God or the Universe itself if I didn’t get myself out there and help the people I am meant to work with. I would be selfish by playing small and not being in service to those who needed this Divine Guidance that was coming through me.

Ina Lukas

How did my path unfold?

I was a landscape designer for almost two decades. I developed a unique way of working with my landscape clients. Before meeting with them, I would get myself out of the way by asking my non-physical “team” to hook up with their “team” and allow myself to be be guided to place each plant exactly where it was meant to be. It was like my body was being moved for me.

I would come back a couple weeks later and be blown away by how rich the design was from a 360 degree perspective. How the color of the bricks in the house would tie into the garden bed, how the structure of the design would relate to the surrounding architecture, how flower textures and colors on one end of the bed played with the rhythms throughout the design.

But I was not consciously aware of any of these amazing details when I was "in the zone" designing it. I would come back and be blown away, but was very clear that even though it was me that physically created the design, it actually wasn’t me, because there was no way my human brain could have orchestrated the design to such divine perfection without some serious non-physical guidance.

I ended my landscape design career in 2009 and got called forth into working professionally in the world of personal development and play. I became trained as a Certified One Command Practitioner which taught me how to go into the Theta brainwave and access superconsciousness while doing very deep DNA activation work.

I also became a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and started leading Laughter Meditations every week. I never pre-planned the meditation, I just let it flow through me, and every week I would be guided with just the right words. Over and over, people would have massive breakthroughs and healings during the meditations.  So I spent many years unknowingly developing the art of flowing Divine Guidance through me.

Group holding hands

But it wasn't until I met my soul love, Richard, that the Alchemists arrived.  Just a week after we connected, I was doing a One Command session for him, and when I went into Theta, the Alchemists started pouring through in full channeling mode.   I believe it was our soul union that fully brought them through.  With much encouragement from dear friends (and lots of practice), I realized that it was time for me to bring their voices out into the world on a bigger scale. That was when this collective of non-physical teachers and healers lovingly became named “The Alchemists” because they help people turn their lead into gold in essence, by taking them through the gateway of their confusion or darkness into clarity, healing, deep joy and relief.

Is this scary for me? Yes.

Do I feel vulnerable putting myself out there doing this woo-woo stuff? Yes.

Is it much safer for me to stay in my spiritual closet? Maybe. But my spirit would break if I kept playing small. I’m called to help people. Especially when they are right on the verge of a breakthrough.

I believe that everybody came into this life with their very own unique toolbox filled with a special set of tools that no one else on this planet has. And that exact, unique toolset is one that is needed because it’s the perfect piece that fits into the puzzle of what is necessary to expand our planet at this time.

What I’ve learned is that if we don’t use those tools, it can show up in different ways in our life… feeling stuck, blocked or bored, illness, gaining weight, being unhappy in our relationships.

It’s taken me a lifetime of going through the wringer to get where I am now. I’ve been through a lot of stuff in my life. Eating disorders, drugs, depression, bankruptcy, losing my mom to cancer, parenting teenage kids, ending my 19 year marriage, and more.

Ina Lukas

But here's the thing. I did it all with levity.

I’ve been able to teach myself the skills of how to navigate through the rough stuff, the hard stuff from a place of buoyancy, light heartedness, playfulness, and quite often, a whole lotta fun. (I even co-created an award-winning social movement called The Levity Project whose mission was to bring laughter, play and celebration into public places – flash mob style). It is definitely a skill, and luckily it is a skill that we can all develop and learn.

I believe that part of my journey in this life is having the full spectrum of experiences so that I could gain compassion and understanding for the human experience. I can access a lot of people without judgement because I know what it’s like going through a lot of hard stuff.

It is my highest excitement to help people expand, transform, heal, and awaken to the magnificence of who they are. Nothing makes me happier than that.

So now I work with people who are ready for a breakthrough to help release their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily with Divine Guidance. My unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results.

If you would like to book a private session with me today, click HERE for more information. I also lead many different powerful group intensives that you can partake in from anywhere in the world (most of my work is done over the phone). 

I hold workshops around the US, lead international retreats in Tulum, Bali and Peru, and hold Sacred Alchemy Healing Lounges at my magical treehouse in Encinitas, CA.  Scroll down below to see some of the fun upcoming events that you can be a part of.

Ina Lukas

Thanks for joining me here!

Love and Appreciation,

Ina Lukas

“What I love about Ina and the Alchemists is their ability to get to the heart of the question and hold you there until it shifts. If you want real solutions to the issues you’ve been carrying around for a lifetime, I mean, if you are really ready to shift, this is your opportunity! Other channels give you things to think about and shift on your own… the Alchemists, in their loving and humorous way, clear it up, right then & there. Next thing you know, your life has improved immeasurably!

Asking the Alchemists a question is like getting in the hotseat with Abraham, only deeper, because they get right to the heart of your question and lovingly hold you there until it shifts internally.  Life long issues are forever changed in the matter of minutes.  Hallelujah!”

 - Joanna Withey

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