Saturday Morning Soul Tea & Alchemy:  Episode Eight-
Inflammation in the Body - What Your Body is Actually Doing For You

What if your physical symptoms are your body's message of love?

That's what today's Saturday Morning Soul Tea and Alchemy episode is about. It takes what you already know, and flips it around even deeper, to a whole new understanding of your relationship to your body.

What if our bodies loved us so much, they were just trying to show us where we aren't being loving to ourselves?

Here is this week's question:

"I've been having swelling in my joints, mostly in my hands, my knuckles, maybe a bit in my toes.  And it's not going away.  I feel worried because I think that inflammation is sort of a precursor to other disease in the body.  I feel like if I were truly enlightened, that by this point I should have been able to make it go away.  I haven't seemed to be able to affect it in any way."

This clip is actually taken from a private client session this week, that was so good she gave me permission to share this on Soul Tea & Alchemy. I will say, that after this clip, The Alchemists took her even deeper into feeling the emotions in her body, and what unfolded was truly profound.

I have been witnessing some amazing physical healings in my clients. So much is being brought to the surface to clear right now, and the energetic momentum is there. If you would like to dive deep into your own healing with The Alchemists, don't hesitate to book a one-on-one session.

This Soul Tea & Alchemy video is a conversation with The Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers)​ that are channeled through Ina Lukas. Every week we will choose one person's question to answer on Saturday Morning Soul Tea and Alchemy.

Do you have a question you'd like to ask The Alchemists? Just submit your question by clicking below and you may get chosen for next week!

Ina Lukas helps people break through their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily with Divine Guidance. As an Intuitive Channel, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, financial fears, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, business blocks, health issues, and more. Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. She lives and plays in Carlsbad, California. 

  • April 8, 2017

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