Kevin Young’s Testimonial of the Kick Ass Life Transformation Program

This 12-week program has simply changed my life and I don’t say that lightly. Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to get guidance from various Mediums and Channels, including Abraham through Esther Hicks, but I’ve never felt so connected to Source as I do when talking to The Alchemists through Ina.

Every single call is jam-packed with soul-reaching words of advice, delivered in a gentle, loving and yet direct manner that just resonate throughout your heart, mind and body. I listen back on the recordings every single day of the week, sometimes more than once, just because I feel so good afterwards.

What’s even more amazing is the unfolding along the way. The Alchemists seem to know exactly how to take you from wherever you are to where you want to be in the easiest, most direct way possible. You can ask any question of them and know that the answer you receive will be EXACTLY right for you in that moment. I’ve written pages and pages of takeaway items that I practiced during the weeks between calls and watched in amazement as my life started taking off like a rocket almost without effort!

This program is worth ANY price because you will not only easily attract back the money without effort but you will become a completely different person along the way. The person that you only dreamed you could become.

Thank you, Ina and the Alchemists, from the bottom of my newly expanded heart!”

Kevin Young, ACC, BSET
Personal Success Programs LLC