Lightworkers Rising Activation- 
You are the Lungs of the World

Saturday Soul Tea & Alchemy: Episode 60

The Earth needs you to own your power.  And it's no longer deniable.

The rainforests of the Amazon are burning.  Our global climate is shifting on so many different levels.  It's easy to feel enraged, fear, grief, overwhelm, heartache, and all of the deeper emotions that are being brought to the surface in the current climate that we are in.

But the good news is that there's a far more empowered way to be in sacred action with the state of the world.  We are being called forth as lightworkers now more than ever to STEP UP, to step into our power, our truth, our voice, our gifts, and to be in action in a way we've never been before. 

While it's easy to feel overwhelmed, not knowing what to do, this activation and ass-kicking from The Alchemists is an amazing place to start.

There are things you can be doing every single day to anchor in the New Earth. And it starts with YOU.  Not anyone else.  YOU. 

We don't have any other options than to step fully into our light.  And if we don't, it will continue getting more uncomfortable.  We will have dis-ease show up in our bodies, our bank accounts, our relationships, our careers, our governments, and our planet. 

 So why not just fully claim the power of who you are and take action now?

On Wednesday I had my weekly activation call for my Fresh Squeezed Alchemy Tribe.  I started out the call talking about the current collective energies that were happening this past week, and sharing a conversation I had with my daughter, Kiva. 

She started her senior year of high school, and is really unimpressed with the lack of depth in her classmates, and how all the conversations at school are gossipy and about other people.  Her closest friends that she has really deep relationships with (that are inspiring, rather than drama-filled) all went off to college.  She's trying to create an empowering experience for herself in her senior year, while also feeling the grief of the loss of her sacred friend group.

I never know what's going to happen when I channel an activation.  But somehow I was inspired to share this story on the call because it was about leadership and empowerment, and it ended up tapping into the consciousness of a very powerful activation that came through.  So I left just part of the story in at the beginning of this recording, to give you a little more insight. (I edited out the beginning of it for privacy, so it starts in the middle of it.)

This is a power-packed 25 minutes that you can listen to anytime to inspire you and give you a 5D wake up call to truly "be the change you wish to see in the world", as Ghandi so powerfully said. 

Please be sitting up or laying down with your eyes closed through this.  DO NOT DRIVE WHILE LISTENING TO THIS.  This is a channeled activation.  You may want to listen to it with headphones to experience it more intimately and deeply.  Enjoy!

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This Soul Tea & Alchemy episode is a conversation with The Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) that are channeled through Ina Lukas. 

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