2018 is Calling You Forth

This is your year.  This is the year of YOU.  Letting go of limitations.  Stepping forth into your gifts.  Shining your light and not holding back.  

There really is no more holding back.  You are here to rock this world, to ignite your light, and to bring your unique gifts and authentic self expression into this world.

Some of you know exactly what that looks like, some of you are still figuring it out, but there's a deeper feeling igniting in you that you can't ignore.  

You know you're changing.  You can feel it.  You know something is being born in you as you are awakening to who you really are. 

The energy of 2018 is all about you owning who you are, and CELEBRATING your light, your love, and every bit of your awesomeness.  

BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS YOU TO BE YOU.  More than ever.  It needs ALL of you.

This is the year of the lightworkers, the star seeds, the awakening souls coming out in full force to shift the energy of this planet in ways we've never seen before.  The momentum is palpable.  

And YOU are an essential part of this shift.  The world needs YOU to be exactly who you are, as your most authentic self.  

So let's unite together to empower and magnify each other as we welcome in the birth of 2018.

This is YOUR year!

Sometimes it's difficult to create the space to really anchor in your intentions for 2018.

This New Year's Activation is designed to give you that space to release what you're ready to let go of, while literally shifting your DNA and activating your new light codes for 2018.

This is a huge gift to yourself to amplify your frequency and launch you powerfully into the New Year.  

This is a channeled activation with The Alchemists who are here to support us at our time of awakening.  

If you haven't experienced an activation with The Alchemists before, they are very potent.  It's a magnified process of peeling back the layers of who you're not, so that who you REALLY are comes shining through ever more quickly.

We are activating new light codes within us.  

  • We are setting our powerful intentions for the New Year
  • We are releasing third dimensional, heavier density energies 
  • We are activating our divine codes
  • We are amplifying our frequency to the heightened state of 2018 potentiality
  • We are celebrating the truth of who we are, honoring our divine essence, and allowing more of our purest love to pour through

While the live call already happened, the recording is phenomenal!

"Truly an extraordinary experience last night Ina!!! If you are looking forward to an amazing breakthrough in your personal life in 2018,  you owe it to yourself to participate in this activation!" - Drew M.

"That was Amaze Balls!  What just happened?  I woke feeling calm, peaceful and loved at the end." -  A. H.

"OMG.  I'm going to listen to this one over and over again.  Game.  Changer." - C.S.

Wow! If this activation is any indication of what's to come, we are about to experience an epic year of awesomeness.

This New Year's Activation was a whole new level of channeled energy that I've never felt before. A heart centered technology upgrade, experiencing your Divine Essence and light codes, along with a resounding activation of your unique energy expression into the world, and understanding the importance of YOU bringing your love forth.

Truly amazing. Wow! 

If you want to be catapulted into an amazing new version of you, you can get the recording of the call by clicking the button below.

Cost is just $25

You will receive an email with a link to the recording as soon as you purchase it.

What's an activation call like?  It's hard to explain, but here are some reactions...

“I'm running out of exclamations for these calls!! I dare say, this was the most profound and powerful activation for me, yet! Holy crapalonies!! I had a flood of chills up and down my body for several minutes right after, which has never happened before. I was feeling all of those amazing other-dimensional beings. Thank you so much for stepping into this work, Ina! I feel so much opening and shifting for me, as one cycle ends and a new one begins in the coming year. It's palpable...and I am so appreciative of the support I receive from you, your crew, and all of the other ways it flows to me. You ARE love :)”

     - Carrie K.

"Sooooooo, I just gotta say, the Self Love and Prosperity calls have been epic. I listened to the activation recording the other day, and fell asleep during it, had to be taken offline as usual, hahaha. But ever since then there's been a deep healing in process, core stuff and so powerful, lots of insights and tears shed, tons of expansion, sooooooo good! Thank you, thank you, for shining your light in the world!  You are doing powerful work and I wouldn't be where I am without you!  Thank you, thank you! "

     - Anne Rose Hart

“Very powerful Self Love Activation, Ina! Best of all the ones I've been through so far. It definitely WAS an incredible call! Saturday morning, I met with a new coaching prospect and had a great conversation. He handed me a check for 3 months of coaching on the spot! I guess we could call that a money manifestation, yes? Thanks for all the amazing value that you provide with everything you do and everything that you are, Ina!”

     - Kevin Young

​“I'm currently in total awe of the vibration in my body after tonight's call. I feel calm, peace, clarity, and excitement all at once. I did not feel the need for a glass of wine at night as is my usual and organic lemon aid was my desire. I’m tripping out in so many ways at this moment. I just felt the strongest desire to email you. Something in my old belief system has shifted."

     - Crystal P.

“I don't know how I can adequately express my appreciation for you and what you do, Ina. It takes an extremely high level of consciousness and extensive knowledge to deliver what appears to be effortless for Ina. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work / play with Ina before the world discovers the value of what she creates." 

     - Jim K.

Invite your tribe!  Let's have a potent New Year's Activation party!

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Shifting into the New Earth: Awakening Your Gifts

I still find myself quietly absorbing all I learned from this workshop. The energy coming from Ina was actually shocking to me, I think my voice while in the hot seat may reveal it somehow, it was coming in intense waves. Thank you so much Dear Mike and Ramona for doing so much for us all and for your commitment to help bring to the light the love we all are."  - Terri Cummings

“I floated out to the car 3 inches above the ground. The whole evening was magical, moving, delightful, informative. Ina was inspiring and really eased my mental discomfort. I truly enjoyed talking with others and our discussion afterwards. What a great group that gathered. Also, and especially, great hosts. Thank you so much”.  - Susan Kott

The energy was palpable from the first moment - building to a powerful intensity. I expected to relate to some of the questions & answers, but never expected to relate on a personal level to each one! So happy to have been a part of this experience.” - Susan Beaver

“Wow, I really surprised myself by asking a question. It was so unexpected as I was assuming I would be comfortably watching and not participating. All I can say is wow, the Alchemistgot right to the heart of my matter literally. I started with my make up on and cried it all off! Very powerful, thank you Alchemists!”  - Suzanne Young

“The first words that come to mind are, "incredible" and "amazing". A wonderful evening.” - Stephanie

IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Life-changing!! Thank you so much, to Ramona and Mike, and Kevin; and to Ina, and the Alchemists - and to Source!! I am feeling such gratitude.” - Carolyn R.

“Wow what an evening with Ina and The Alchemists! I loved listening to the wisdom that came through The Alchemists, I loved the humor they have and how they would catch us off guard to melt away resistance. Each person in the Hot Seat was a gift to the group, even if their particular question seemed to not apply to you by the end of the session you gleamed Source wisdom that applied to each of us. What an absolute blessing to share this experience with all of you.” - Ramona Mucciolo

“What an amazing night! I'm so grateful to have been there to experience Ina's magical energy and the wisdom of the Alchemists. I hope she comes back to Burbank again.” - Dianne

"AMAZING!!!! It was such an incredible evening! Ina and the Alchemists gave us such wonderful advice and what they said always resonated with all of us! Please come back to us Ina and the Alchemists!!!” - Stanzi

"Wow, soon as I'd think of a question the Alchemists would address the subject with whoever was in the Hot Seat. So crazy great!” - Millie Chalk

"This was an amazing evening. What an enormous opportunity to be able to share directly with our source in a safe, loving environment of like-minded individuals. It was mind-opening & answered so many questions that had been stewing in my mind for a long time. I'm looking forward to the next event!”

"Can I only give 5 stars? This was beyond words. To be able to connect with Source Energy and receive guidance that resonates to my core is such a gift. I have been blessed tonight with Divine Love and much healing. Thank you.” - Susan Green

"It's amazing how many hearts were opened up last night, just by the asking of the questions. I felt the love in the room increase by about a million percent as people opened themselves up to Ina and the Alchemists, and as they answered with so much love. I feel like we all connected on a very deep level, and I feel like I made a lot of new, close friends last night...physical and non-physical. :-)” - Katie

"I'd give it 10 stars if it let me!”