We are coming together to create a New Earth.

We are being called forth, my friends. The Lightworkers and Awakening Souls who are here to help raise the consciousness of this planet.

It is our time to come together to create the New Earth from within our hearts. There is a whole new field of Prosperity Consciousness that we are coming together to create.

There are primordial energetic fields that we were previously unable to access. Whole systems of support that we weren't in the frequency range of.

But all of that is changing. The planet is reaching its energetic tipping point, and enough of us are waking up, and are ready to access a much bigger field of conscious abundance as we bring our light into the world.

We are coming together as a collective.  We are accessing a broader field.  We are rising up to bring forth our light, being called forth more powerfully than ever before.

It's time. It's no longer about scarcity, suffering, lack, and fear.

It's about abundance, compassion, empowerment, and love.

It's time to tap into the deeper knowing of our support systems on Earth.

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) on an eight week journey of channeled Prosperity Activations designed to create a whole new field of Prosperity Consciousness within us that we are bringing forth into the New Earth.

Why Might You Want to Join Us?​

  • To increase the financial flow of abundance in your life.
  • To awaken you cellular memory more swiftly of who you are and what you came here to do.
  • To launch your next chapter with strength, clarity, power and purpose.
  • To come together with your tribe of 144,000 Lightworkers who are awakening on the planet at this time.
  • To have a blast getting your cellular memory activated and DNA upgraded to your 5th Dimensional awesomeness.
  • To join something much bigger than just you alone, co-creating an entirely new field of Prosperity Consciousness on the planet.
  • Because you'll get to experience being in the blissful state of an activated puddle of intergalactic, oneness-with-all, Love Goo after each call.

Who is this workshop for?

(Hint:  If you're feeling goosebumps or nudges, it's meant for you)

In the words of The Alchemists....

"This is for people who know there’s something bigger that they’re on the precipice of.

They have understood the Laws of the Universe and they know these laws and rules on an intellectual level, but there is a deeper knowing, a deeper stirring in them.....  that there’s just some threshold that they haven’t crossed, that there’s just something deeper that they are wanting access to.

So this program is an opening up to a primordial knowledge of lifetimes and kingdoms and other galaxies, coming together.  Bringing that energy, bringing in the abundance, the prosperity that is so much more than money itself.  

It’s coming from a deeper accessing point of DNA activation, cellular activation, and it’s for those who are ready to create a New Earth. That’s part of what’s unfolding in this process -  the creation of a New Earth and the creation of that field of Prosperity Consciousness that is the field of consciousness that the New Earth is being born from.  It's coming from the Heart Centers of those who are creating this new 5th Dimensional reality."


New to Ina and The Alchemists?  Would you like to experience an activation?

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This was Ina's Birthday​ Activation Party, which was designed to be a ceremonial birthing of your Fifth Dimensional self.  It takes you into understanding what your superpowers are, where they came from, and how you are here to create a New Earth.

When does it start?

Our Journey Begins on
Thursday, July 27th

All calls take place on Thursdays at 1:00PM Pacific/4:00PMEastern/
9:00pm UK/ Friday 6:00am Sydney
(90 minute call)

Thursday, July 27th
Thursday, August 3rd
Thursday, August 17th
Thursday, August 24th
Thursday, September 7th
Thursday, September 14th

Click HERE to find the time in your international time zone.

​We will have a series of six Prosperity Activation calls over a period of eight weeks.

*We also have a private Facebook Group for all members of this program so that we can share our experiences in between the calls.  It's an amazing place to bond with your tribe, share, inspire and magnify this journey together.  ​

You can join from anywhere in the world via phone (local country numbers will be given for international callers).

Are you ready to join your tribe of fellow Lightworkers
to create a new world of Prosperity Consciousness?

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Missed the first call?  No worries, you'll get the recording as soon as you register.  
It was a-mazing!

Here are a couple of the reactions to the first call...

"Yowza!! I felt like my hands, throat and heart were very activated with increased energy flow...totally buzzing and clearing at the peak of the activation. I was taken out a few times along the way, so I plan to listen again. Thanks to all of you for co-creating and pulling this through, and especially to Ina for the beautiful expression on behalf of The Alchemists!!!! To infinity, and beyond!!!"

"Just "WOW" is all I can say about that first activation -  "Holy, F****** WOW!"   My entire being at one point was engulfed by Mother Earth- her roots, and soil wrapped me up, and pulled me deeper/closer to her heart- to the soul center of this planet.  I could feel the pulse of the whole world vibrating effortlessly, and beautifully in sync with my very own being- as I let go more and more of myself and allowed my mind to still, and body to soften... she gently, but powerfully began crescendoing these emense Ripples of Wisdom, and healing power through me.  Sucking, and pulling out all the toxins, and the pain...it was all just.... "Wow"

Oh and did I mention the entire universe raining endless abundance down on me and all of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They "made it rain" if you know what I mean!!! And boy oh boy was that a nifty sight to see. Obviously there was a lot more to this- but...you know...JUST FREAKING WOW!!!

Ina Lukas ....WOW.... You really f*** me up with love girl!!! You really do- in the most beautiful and profound way- and I can never thank you enough for all the soul expansion your channeling has granted me access to."

Can't make the calls live?

No worries. We’ll be recording each activation and sending out the recordings after the call.  So if you can't make every call, you won't miss a thing.  The activations are just as potent whether you're on the call live or receiving the activation on the recording.

Are you ready to join us in creating a New Earth
and accessing the bigger field of prosperity that is within you?

What others have said about Activations with Ina & The Alchemists...

“I'm running out of exclamations for these calls!! 🙂 I dare say, this was the most profound and powerful activation for me, yet! Holy crapalonies!! I had a flood of chills up and down my body for several minutes right after, which has never happened before. I was feeling all of those amazing other-dimensional beings. Thank you so much for stepping into this work, Ina! I feel so much opening and shifting for me, as one cycle ends and a new one begins in the coming year. It's palpable...and I am so appreciative of the support I receive from you, your crew, and all of the other ways it flows to me. You ARE love :)”

- Carrie K.

“Very powerful Self Love Activation, Ina! Best of all the ones I've been through so far. It definitely WAS an incredible call! Saturday morning, I met with a new coaching prospect and had a great conversation. He handed me a check for 3 months of coaching on the spot! I guess we could call that a money manifestation, yes? Thanks for all the amazing value that you provide with everything you do and everything that you are, Ina!”

     - Kevin Young

"Sooooooo, I just gotta say, the Self Love and Prosperity calls have been epic. I listened to the activation recording the other day, and fell asleep during it, had to be taken offline as usual, hahaha. But ever since then there's been a deep healing in process, core stuff and so powerful, lots of insights and tears shed, tons of expansion, sooooooo good! Thank you, thank you, for shining your light in the world!  You are doing powerful work and I wouldn't be where I am without you!  Thank you, thank you! "

     - Anne Rose Hart

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