Are you ready to create the miraculous in 2020? It starts by taking action on releasing the stagnant patterns of the last decade.

We are approaching the last weeks of this decade. What if the bold actions you took now changed your trajectory in 2020?

As you look at the last 10 years of your life, what are the repeating patterns that you haven't cycled out of?

Always "just enough" money, but not a surplus?  

Financial debt?  

Resentment and drama in your relationships?  

Feeling trapped in your career?  

Knowing you have gifts, but being afraid to step into them fully? Afraid to speak your truth?  

Weight that you can't seem to lose?  

Chronic physical symptoms or exhaustion?

Yes, you've been doing your work diligently on your spiritual path, but there may still be some remnant patterns that you just can't shake. 

While we've been going through the process of pulling back the veil, owning and claiming our intuitive gifts, understanding more of what we came here to do, we are still in a collective field of residual fears of truly stepping into our power and our gifts. 

This residual energy of remnant fears and stagnant blocks stored in our body requires ACTION. Not just visualizing and aligning, but PHYSICAL ACTION. 

Stagnant stuck energy has to be physically moved. It needs the Alchemy of Sacred Action - transmutation, FIRE.

You actually have to make changes. Do the work. Be bold enough to face the things that you've been avoiding most. 

If you want to step into the miraculous, you have to commit to ending your patterns of passivity, no longer living in avoidance and victimhood consciousness. 

This is the current shadow side of the awakening spectrum... doing so much spiritual work and continual self development, but not actually fully embodying the process and taking the physical action steps that cause the 5D miracles to be made manifest.

We are entering into an era of FIRE. Lightworkers stepping into their work, their service, their voice, their truth... unstoppably and unapologetically. 

To create a New Earth requires ACTION. Being proactive and not reactive. Being fierce and fearless, not coddling excuses of disempowerment. 

No more spiritual complacency. Your medicine is needed. The planet is ready and waiting for you to step fully into your power.

It's time to create the miraculous!

What if you were to systematically look at each area of your life, and choose the ONE THING that you are avoiding most. The one thing that would actually liberate you if you took action. 

And what if you decided to take action on that ONE THING in EACH of those areas of your life?

  • Having the uncomfortable conversation you've been avoiding in a relationship. 
  • Looking at your debt. Creating a financial game plan.
  • Creating a financial investment strategy.
  • Filing the paperwork you've been avoiding.
  • Getting something checked out in your health that you've been avoiding taking action on.
  • Taking on a form of exercise, or removing something from your diet that you know would make you feel better.
  • Cleaning out that closet that's overstuffed with things you don't want to deal with. Removing physical clutter.
  • Transforming one of your rooms into a sacred space.
  • Starting your business, even on the side. Or upping your prices and your offerings.
  • Practicing using your intuitive gifts with people. 
  • Joining/Creating a MeetUp group that helps you meet your tribe, creating local community. 

If you intentionally choose to take bold actions on the things you've been most avoiding, you immediately shift into a frequency that allows miracles to occur. 

Are you ready to experience the magic of what can happen when you engage in the Alchemy of Sacred Action? 

Decade Clearing: Your Six Points of Power

Week 1: Sacred Space Activation

Decluttering & revisioning your home as a 3D Vision Board. Upgrading the impact your environment has on you. 

Week 2: Body Temple Attunement

What is your body most asking for? Committing to your relationship with your body as an act of unconditional love. 

Week 3: Sacred Wealth Creation 

Bringing integrity & action to your finances. Debt clearing. Stagnancy busting. Sacred Investments.

Week 4: Authentic Relationships

Cleaning up communication, bringing integrity into the relationships that need it most, and releasing those that have fulfilled their contract.

Week 5: The Currency of Service

How are you showing up in the world? In your career? How are you bringing in your gifts? Where can you be more generous with your own love?

Week 6: Spirit Visioning

Creating the energetic foundation for 2020. Amplifying your connection to Divine Support. Anchoring in the practices that sustain you.


What are the benefits of this end of the decade Quantum Clearing with The Alchemists?

  • We are systematically taking action in six sacred areas of your life to create balanced, wholistic change.
  • Combining physical action steps with energetic activations and group support is the fastest route to changing your outer world. 
  • The format gives you structure, accountability and discipline in a fun, playful, supportive container. 
  • You'll have an opportunity to ask The Alchemists your questions directly, while gaining insights from everyone else's loveseats. 
  • It's a group program, but the information speaks straight to your heart. The most common response is, "I swear The Alchemists were talking directly to me." 
  • This is not stale, old material. Every call is channeled leading edge wisdom coming straight from Source, focused on supporting us in creating a New Earth. 
  • Taking inspired action with a large tribe of people all powerfully focused with strong intention to clear the past decade causes a quantum field of change that is SO much bigger than if you were to do this alone.
  • Financial breakthroughs, relationship breakthroughs, health breakthroughs, career breakthroughs.  
  • If you truly commit to taking this Decade Detox on, you are guaranteed to experience potent life change. 

What's included in the Quantum Clearing program?

6 Weekly Calls with channeled teachings from The Alchemists

Start each week with a live call with The Alchemists which will set the framework for the week's Point of Power focus.

Channeled Activations

Each weekly call will include a 30 minute channeled activation from The Alchemists on the Point of Power we are focusing on that week. 

Q&A with The Alchemists 

Each weekly call will include 60 minutes of Q&A with The Alchemists where you'll have an opportunity to ask them your questions. If you can't make the call live, you can email in your question.

Recordings of every call

If you can't make the calls live, you won't miss a thing. You'll receive the recording right after the call each week.

Accountability Partners

If being accountable to someone helps you get stuff done, we'll support you in connecting with an accountability partner in the program. You may even make a new friend!

Private Facebook Group 

Support, accountability, and inspiration with your Quantum Clearing Tribe. 

"These Activations are bringing profound healing to my soul and body. I feel it, I sense it, I see it. I feel like the lost, neglected, violated, hurt and damaged pieces of my soul are coming back to a safe home. With those lost parts, also my talents and gifts are coming through and I am gaining trust to fully start following my soul purpose. Wow, I am just sooooooo deeply thankful and grateful to myself, my divine team, You, Ina, Alchemists and our amazing community of Lightworkers! Thank you." - Maja P.

December 2nd - January 6th Mondays at 4:00pm Pacific 7:00pm Eastern Tuesdays at 11am in Sydney

Join us for a live call every Monday. 

We are kicking off each week with a Point of Power call. The first 30 minutes will be a channeled message from Ina & The Alchemists giving deeper insights and meaning to the area of focus for the week, so you can really get clear on the most potent action steps for you to take, and the energy to engage in them with.

Then there will be a 30 minute channeled activation with The Alchemists, healing/releasing/clearing/amplifying your energy on the week's area of focus.

The last hour of the call will be opening the lines to your questions. Channeled Q&A sessions with The Alchemists are profound and deeply healing for everyone listening in. 

If you can't make the calls live, no worries! You can email your question for The Alchemists in advance to have an equal opportunity in the weekly Q&A's. 

You'll receive a recording of the call immediately afterwards. The activations and channelings are just as potent if you listen to them live or on the recording.

Your Guides have your back! You are a part of the consciousness of the channeled calls as they're happening, and you will receive everything that you need in the recording.

This two hour weekly call is intentionally divided into three parts, so you can listen to any part at your convenience throughout the week, on your own schedule.

You can join us from anywhere in the world! 

It's not too late to join! If you're joining us after the first call, you'll receive the recording of the calls you missed as soon as you register. You're right on time!

Opening my heart with The Alchemists allowed me to manifest an extra $20,000 in a span of a few short weeks. For anyone wanting to increase their financial prosperity, and loosen up around the subject of money, the Alchemists are a surefire bet to manifesting your financial desires! I look forward to working with them on the joyful manifestation of becoming a multi-millionaire! ”  

- Samuel Jang

Quantum Clearing for just $222!

Join us for this life changing 6 week adventure! Come together with your Quantum Clearing Tribe to step fully into your power in 2020. 

One Payment of $222

It's not too late to join! The first call was AMAZING!!! This program is SO powerful! People are having massive life breakthroughs in just the first few days. Please don't miss out!

If you're joining us after December 2nd, you'll receive the recording of the calls you missed as soon as you register. You're right on time!

VIP Upgrade Get a private "Break Through Your Blocks" Session + the Quantum Clearing program for just $444!

If you want to really create your highest timelines for 2020, add on a 90 minute "Break Through Your Blocks" Session with The Alchemists. In this session, Ina & The Alchemists will work privately with you, assisting you in releasing the blocks that are keeping you from creating what you want. They will guide you deeply into the Theta state through a form of shamanic energy healing, getting to the root of wherever you need to go - soul retrievals, past life healings, inner child work, emotional release, cord cuttings, revealing blind spots, etc. These sessions are often life changing. They are done over the phone from anywhere in the world, or in-person locally at Ina's magic treehouse in Encinitas, CA. 

The "Break Through Your Blocks" session is $333, but if you bundle it together with the Quantum Clearing program, you'll save $111 (normally $555 for both). 

Quantum Clearing + VIP Upgrade

"I lived my entire life under what felt like a constant hum of confusion and disconnection. It caused so much pain! In spite of having a beautiful life, I felt SO dead inside. After working with Ina for one healing, we were able to uncover the source of this distress and it feels like I am finally reunited with my soul, something I’ve been praying and fighting for my whole life. Thanks to these shifts while working with Ina, I am starting a soul-aligned business and I know my life is heading in the direction that I’ve always dreamed of. Ina creates a sacred space that radiates pure love and melts pain away. I feel so grateful to have been connected with Ina! ” - Kate Feick

What do people say about working with Ina & The Alchemists?

​​"“Over the years, I've had the good fortune to get guidance from various Mediums and Channels, including Abraham Hicks, through Esther Hicks, but I've never felt so connected to Source as I do when talking to The Alchemists through Ina.” - Kevin Young

"That call was f#%king amazing!!! This is the first one I've been able to get on live. Holy crap! It felt like the Alchemists were speaking directly to me!!! I went off- line immediately then I would suddenly hear what was said crystal clear and it was using words that have been coming to me lately as I've been stepping into my next mission. Then I would be gone again. So beautiful, so power-full!!! Thank you Ina. 💖💖💖 - Kathy S.

"Ina, I follow you regularly and do all of your activations. I am so excited to receive them {"Prosperity Activations for Lightworkers and Awakening Souls"} now and (of course) they come into my life at the perfect time as my coaching business is just taking off!  

I want to thank you and the Alchemists for creating these and all the other amazing activations. My life has truly been transformed by them! Namaste - Lisa B.

"What a beautiful experience that last activation was!!!! I usually take notes of things they say that inspire me, but I was just IMMERSED and didn't write down a thing... and have been very light-headed and tired. Looking forward to sleeping a LOT to hopefully wake with some integration, and I will no doubt listen to it again before long. Thank you for your work and energy in this, Ina! ❤️❤️❤️ I'm so grateful, and I'm feeling more ready for big shifts." - Alison S.

"Holy F#$cking Sh#t, girl! Wow! Words can't even describe it. I mean, what the f&ck was all of that?!!! Holy sh#t! Holy sh#t! Holy sh#t!!! I f#cking love you to pieces. It was profound to experience your healings and your gifts and just the whole new levels they've come to. I don't even have words." - D. F.

“I'm currently in total awe of the vibration in my body after tonight's call. I feel calm, peace, clarity, and excitement all at once. I did not feel the need for a glass of wine at night as is my usual and organic lemon aid was my desire. I’m tripping out in so many ways at this moment. I just felt the strongest desire to email you. Something in my old belief system has shifted." ​- Crystal P.  

"That was Amaze Balls! What just happened? I woke feeling calm, peaceful and loved at the end." - A. H.  

"OMG. I'm going to listen to this one over and over again. Game. Changer." - C.S.

"Crying my eyes out... I will need to listen to that one again... and again... and "play" with my money, "play" with the concept of my money... "have fun" with my blocks and release them... Expecting daily financial miracles. And so it is." - Linda L.

"Isn't it extraordinary how it feels like The Alchemists are talking right to you, with words that you were just thinking and haven't told anyone?!!! Very cool!! 💖😊✨" - Lynni G.

“Very powerful Self Love Activation, Ina! Best of all the ones I've been through so far. It definitely WAS an incredible call! Saturday morning, I met with a new coaching prospect and had a great conversation. He handed me a check for 3 months of coaching on the spot! I guess we could call that a money manifestation, yes? Thanks for all the amazing value that you provide with everything you do and everything that you are, Ina!” - Kevin 

I actually feel a shift this afternoon. New work in a new field - yay! And even have a meeting planned for next week within my family to discuss finances.... intriguing. Loving your work Ina! So glad I found you! " 😘-Emma B

"I did your Prosperity Activation and I came home and my Dad had left me a cheque for $15,000. Not all the money is for me, but isn't that amazing! I get $5,000 of that money. Just like that *snaps finger* It really feels like magic! BLESS YOU" - Shari

“Oh my dearest Ina Lukas, I am writing you with tears welling up and my throat is constricting with emotion. For the first time in my life, I can fit into my body. I am 55 years old. Our work together has released energy. Releasing the abuse, shame, and guilt was huge. I knew, I needed healing, but I didn’t know this energy was taking up so much space that I wasn’t in my body fully. Not until we worked to release it. 

I am fully in my body maybe for the first time since I was born. After my ceremony to release this, my body is weak and tired. In spite of that, I feel refreshed. Today, I love myself more than I ever have! For what I have been through and the power I have to be love and light. I am love and light and I am a huge heart radiating gold liquid love! Yes, I am tripping on this amazing feeling. Namaste” - Christina S.

"I have tried to write something on here 3 separate times today- each time I have wanted to go into how personally profound this experinece has been for me, and all the crazy wonderfulness that has been transpiring over the course of this week- and especially with it reaching a whole new level's been WILD. So f#%king wild, crazy, freeing, moving, and LOVING....did I mention, "f#%king wild"?!?!!!!!  

But...I have deleted every single one of these responses today because words simply cannot express everything I have felt. They just don't even come close. Not at this time. The craziest part- I haven't even listened to the 2nd activation yet, and already my whole life has changed. I can feel it. I can see it. I KNOW IT!  

I'm ready. Some of this stuff - It can't possibly sound the least bit believable, but my god it is so true and so REAL.  

Admittedly, I don't even know where to begin...all I do know is that this is exactly where I am meant to be. 💙🌈"- Britt Shand

Creating a New Earth - 2020 and Beyond 

"By bringing people together all focused in one direction of highest timelines (unveiling their path of truth), if you have 100 people focused on their highest timelines, that field immediately shifts the timelines for each individual, that they wouldn't be accessing if they were doing it alone. It makes everything easier, it gives more grace.  

Imagine a large group of people all coming together focusing on their INDIVIDUAL highest timelines, while also holding that space for the collective. You want the PLANET to shift to its highest timelines. This is PLANETARY shifting, because you are planetary shifters. 

So when you walk into your highest timelines, the trajectory of the planet shifts. This is big work. If you all start stepping up and stepping in, the whole planet changes, the political systems change. They can't exist in your highest timelines (harmony, peace, ease, kindness). So when a group of people comes together focusing on the highest timelines for the PLANET that comes out of focusing on individual timelines, it's an entire paradigm shift." 

- The Alchemists

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"If you are considering Ina and the Alchemists' program, DO IT. I felt called to it right away, but it wasn't easy to sign up for. Self love is not something that I have ever done well or given my self the time to learn and practice. THANK GOODNESS I actually did register for this Course!!!!  

Through the opportunities to interact with the Alchemists (with my personal questions as well as to hear the questions of others, which so often provoke answers that can be easily mapped onto my own life), the energetic activations and the loving supportive community involved in the Course, I am leaning in to places where love has not been in my life.  

And as I learn to love myself, the awareness of love and acknowledgement from others grows, too. From work colleagues, to family members to men. I find myself more comfortably receiving admiration and love. It seems like it has magically appeared out of thin air! Or, has it been there all along and I just didn't know? Who cares! I'm so grateful. And I'm just getting started! I can't wait for what's yet to be discovered."

 – Gaile Burchill

“What I would say is that ANYTHING you do, Ina, is amazing by virtue of the fact of YOUR incredible ability to wrap each person, and the entire day, in such a profound and sacred container of ceremony rooted in unconditional love and generosity of heart that each person has the opportunity to experience deep healing and reconnection to the most important gifts of all - self love, and awareness of the light that they are.”  

 - Babs Gosselin  

“In all of my experiences with channelers and mediums as well as my natural gifts I was absolutely blown away by Ina & the Alchemists deep and instantaneous connection to me and what I truly needed and was struggling with. She shot right to the core and gave such loving divine direction. Tears of peace, happiness and freedom poured down my face. I am excitedly awaiting more!!”  

  - Jen Carter

“Ina is an incredible gift to the world. She is a beautiful soul and a clear channel for the Alchemists to work through. She is the real deal!  

I met her at a weekend retreat and had the most profound healings ever – more than one, and my life has changed in such a wonderful way ever since. The amount of energy that she channels is almost overwhelming.  

I have been on my current spiritual path for close to 20 years. I became a Reiki Master in 2003 and became aware of my spiritual gifts right around that same time. After a heartbreaking divorce and about 8 years of a life-threatening illness, I kind of drifted and lost sight of all my gifts except my ability to channel energy, although even that ability was somewhat diminished.  

I went through a kind of forced surrender losing practically everything I owned and going into debt. It forced me to look at my life and see what was truly happening. I felt disconnected from Spirit and needed to find my way back.

Since my healings with Ina and The Alchemists, my gifts are showing up again. I’m more centered and I’m channeling so much energy now that I am even able to do healing work in groups. This was something I’d never been able to do before. New doors are opening up for me and new opportunities are being presented.  

Ina is very open and transparent, and she makes you feel comfortable and at ease. There is no judgment from Ina - just love.”  

-Karen Kraft

Ina Lukas helps people break through their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily with Divine Guidance. She channels a collective of non-physical teachers called the Alchemists.  

Together with the Alchemists, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, financial fears, business blocks, health issues, and more.  

Ina works one-on-one with clients and creates group workshops and retreats to help people dive through their blocks and bring to life the specific gifts that they've been given. 

Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills and shamanic energy healing, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. She lives and plays in her magical treehouse in Encinitas, California.