From Residue to Rebirth

As 2018 is coming to a close, we have an opportunity to integrate all that we've upgraded this year, along with releasing the energetic residue, the dissonant codes within us, any energies and entities attached to us that may be keeping us from fully thriving. 

Join Ina and The Alchemists, and Timothy and the Compassionate Consciousness Collective for an afternoon of channeled transmissions, activations, and practices to assist you in clearing that which no longer serves you, in order to create space for the new energies of 2019. 

There will be an opportunity to get in the Love Seat to have both Timothy and Ina work on you, which is a  profound experience of shamanic healing, light code activation, and mediumship. 

Are you ready to enter into 2019 powerfully?

Join us for a full system reboot. 

In this 3-hour workshop you will be facilitated by Ina & Timothy and mentored by The Alchemists, Baladar and Kayoo, and an army of everyone's Council of Light Beings and Guides. All which will hold the space specifically for an afternoon of the highest vibrational interaction to help fully integrate our higher selves best attributes, activations, light codes and lessons of 2018.

We will also be removing any stuck or collected energy that is residual, or keeping you stuck in any lower vibrational timelines or keeping you from opening up to your next level of spiritual Unity within yourself, with others,  and with Divine source!  

We will help balance Body, Mind & Emotions. Doing this will help you synthesize your past and propel yourself into your most wonderful future.

We will be looking to unify and help bridge any polarity discord within you. 

Doing all of these will put you in the best and highest place to receive and set into motion 2019's New Evolution of You!

Ina and Timothy have some of the most awe inspiring gifts, healing capabilities, esoteric forces and energies supporting them, wisdom passed down through the ages, jaw dropping superpowers on an individual basis and when they come together magic is sure to follow at an exceptional and surreal level. 

I came away totally transformed and could only do this because I was also held in a loving, kind and supportive space.

Someone once said to me: "We all want to believe that we are extraordinary" Through this retreat experience I now understand that I am and so are you.”

     - Laura Ponti

What are you creating in 2019?

Out with the old, in with the new.

Ina Lukas channels a collective of non-physical teachers and healers called The Alchemists. They are laser focused on helping you transform your biggest money, health and relationship blocks quickly and easily, by turning your perceived limitations into gold. The Alchemists bring through powerful, leading edge wisdom on the topics of prosperity, health, career, intuition, relationships and more.

Together with the Alchemists, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, financial fears, business blocks, health issues, and more. 

Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. She lives in her magic treehouse in Encinitas, California.  And is coming to Michigan for this event to play with her beloved Soul Brother, Timothy. 

“What I love about Ina and the Alchemists is their ability to get to the heart of the question and hold you there until it shifts. If you want real solutions to the issues you’ve been carrying around for a lifetime, I mean, if you are really ready to shift, this is your opportunity! Other channels give you things to think about and shift on your own… the Alchemists, in their loving and humorous way, clear it up, right then & there. Next thing you know, your life has improved immeasurably!

Asking the Alchemists a question is like getting in the hotseat with Abraham, only deeper, because they get right to the heart of your question and lovingly hold you there until it shifts internally. Life long issues are forever changed in the matter of minutes. Hallelujah!”

     - Joanna Withey

Timothy is the founder of Academy of Inner Design. As a holistic and spiritual therapeutic healing facilitator, he specializes in family and childrens' issues, especially young adults and individuals who feel incomplete, lost, suffer from anxiety, depression, bullyism, PTSD and trauma, GLBTQ or non-binary issues, in particular those who have failed to bond and/or connect with a parent(s) in a healthy manner, or to thrive in life. His firm but loving, intuitive yet unorthodox, and sassy approach to addressing past conditioning, grooming, and patterning by parents, self, or society gives clients the spiritual toolbox to create and model the paradigm of their soul-satisfying life. He also assists seekers of all ages to further and deepen their connection to themselves, God, their spiritual birthright, gifts, talents, and treasures. This is done in a holistic body/mind/spirit integrative approach, in order to become the best version of themselves that they and God have created and designed themselves to be at the deepest soul level. He aims to be the kind of person to others that he would have liked to have in his life as a child & young adult.

He has studied across the globe with the top metaphysical teachers, psychics, and mediums, as well as many other facilitators of energy healing modalities. Born and raised a Catholic, he continues his deep devotion to the Christ Consciousness, the Virgin Mary, and ritual, and is currently  enrolled in a Spiritualist Minister program. His unending love and passion for the study of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life for almost a decade, has led him to become a Kabbalah coach for families, couples, and individuals. He now shares, teaches, and promotes healing and personal development through his decades of personal growth, experiences, and challenges in all of these arenas. He has been chosen to bring through Baladar ( a compassionate consciousness collective of 4,000 beings of Light, in conjunction with the Divine masculine) and Kayoo (a compassionate consciousness collective of the same 4,000 beings of Light, in conjunction with the Sacred feminine) to the world, to help assist humans and the planet with multidimensional activations, and the ascension process.

In addition, he’s the loving cat Dad to three furbabies: Thomas, Tasha, and Tatiana. 

“Life Changing! Amazing experience with 12 women, Ina and Timothy coming together. I can not put into words how much love was put into this retreat. Ina and the Alchemists are powerful healers and lovers. Timothy and his guides/angels completed the circle bringing another dimension to the retreat that was full of love and empowerment. Ina and Timothy gave their all every day so full of unconditional love for EVERYONE there. The love was the MOST amazing part of this retreat.”

     - Nadine George

Activate the Divine Sacred Union Codes within you.

"It was amazing. You two are like two halves of a coin, both bringing your unique gifts, talents, and treasures to the healing process in an alchemical way that creates something far greater than the sum of your parts.”  - Wendy Chapman

Timothy and Ina have traveled through many lifetimes together, doing their different forms of shamanic healing, wizardry, and alchemy together.   They are Twin Flame healers. 

Their healing energy together is very potent (true alchemy!), and their skill sets are very complementary to each other. They each carry their own unique medicine, that when brought together creates a whole new medicine of its own. Their re-union in this lifetime is designed to bring through new forms of transformation.

"The connection those two have is without a doubt so profound that anyone in their presence, whether in the love seat or not, will garner whatever personal healing the universe has on hold for them."

     - Stacey Totzke

Sunday, December 16th from 3:00pm - 6:00pm 

Center of Enlightenment - Spiritualist Church
2724 Goodrich Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220

$77 for this transformational experience. 

We invite you to join us!

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"Timothy and Ina's working styles are vastly different, but so utterly complimentary. Timothy's tough love and Ina's mother warrior were exactly what we needed. They worked tirelessly to make sure we were fed continuously. Not only with food, which was fabulous, but with spirituality, adventure, great deep discussions, fun, laughter and so much pampering. I will be forever changed because of this experience as my openness to myself has been blown off of its hinges! I'm still processing from this fabulous trip and I feel I will be for quite some time as new insights come continuously. My life is richer from having this experience and I thank Timothy and Ina for being with me on this wonderful journey!! Love you both!!

     - Stacey Totzke

Come join us for a transformational workshop!