Welcome to Saturday Soul Tea & Alchemy!

This is my free weekly series that gives you a fun way to connect with The Alchemists. It's kind of like Dear Abby, only it's called "Dear Alchemists."

What does that mean?

Each week you can email me a question for The Alchemists. One person will get chosen to ask their question to The Alchemists directly so that they can engage in a dialog with you to bring through your answer.  We will record our conversation during the week, and on Saturday I will send out the recording of our Q&A in my newsletter and create a post here so that everyone can benefit from the answer.

What can I ask about?

Whatever is on your heart. Relationships, money, health, ascension symptoms, weight, career, intuition, etc. It's all fair game.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, if you'd like to. That's your choice. We can either do an audio recording over the phone (your first name can be shared or not - it's up to you). Or if you're bold and willing, we can do a video Q&A so we can see each other, which can be really fun. *Please indicate to me which you'd prefer when you submit your question.

What if I don't have a question?

Then you get to kick back and listen. Every Saturday you'll receive a cup of Soul Tea & Alchemy in your inbox (if you're subscribed to my mailing list). Meaning, you'll have a fun, fresh Q&A to listen to from The Alchemists every week that may have answers to questions you didn't even know you had. Let your Guides know that you'd like to receive answers that are of greatest benefit to you, and see what golden nuggets you get out of each week's question.

How do the questions get chosen?

The Alchemists will do the choosing, based on what answers are going to have the greatest benefit for the collective. So if you have an inspired question (no matter what it is), it's probably filled with answers for lots of other people who are calling it through.

There are always major themes and currents of energy that move through my clients. We are all connected. You get to give the gift of helping so many other people heal and have breakthroughs, simply by you getting clarity, healing, and transformation on your own personal issue.

Are you in? Are you ready to get your question answered?

Just submit your question for the Alchemists by clicking HERE. If you're chosen, then you, me, and The Alchemists will be chatting this week!