Activating the 4I4I4 Gateway

We are in unprecedented times of massive awakening.  

Our entire planet is going through a global reset of epic proportions.

The level of uncertainty and unknown can feel scary and overwhelming. The fear and anxiety in the collective is at an all time high.

But we are here right now for a reason. The fear of the unknown is bringing up so much deep healing in EVERY area of our lives.

We chose to come in at this time of planetary reset. We have been preparing for this for lifetimes.

It's time for all hands to be on deck, as the lightworkers, planetary shifters, starseeds that we are. Our DNA is awakening and activating at high speed. Our gifts and skills from all lifetimes are coming in. The soul remembrance of who we really are is heightening, as the veil is being pulled back further by the minute.

It's time to be anchoring in the foundational energies of stability. Creating order in the chaos.

We are so deeply supported as we step into the creation of a New Earth. We get to rewrite our foundation, we get to choose something different. We have the opportunity to know ourselves in a new and expansive way, one that creates shifts in perspective and is able to create services and offerings from a heightened alignment with Source.

Even as the energy of the world constricts, we are going through the labor contractions that are birthing us into a new reality. This reality will be what you make of it; it will be a reflection of new desires recognized within you that find the space to be born into this new paradigm.

This is a time of abundance for all who claim it. 

4/4/4 Gateway Activation:
Embodying the Stabilizing Presence of a New Paradigm

  • Activating the power of Source within you 
  • Reconnecting you to your soul design 
  • Creating stability in chaos/ embodying order in the midst of chaos
  • Moving from victimized feeling of “I am f*#cked” to “I am Source”
  • Remembering your essence as a powerful co-creator 
  • Stabilizing your internal economy
  • Experiencing a cathartic excavation of old world paradigms
  • Embodying the frequencies of a prosperous New Earth paradigm  

Join Ina and The Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers and healers) and Janet Raftis (Master Healer and channel of the Divine Feminine) for this channeled activation that will support you in anchoring in a stronger and more stabilized foundation during these overwhelming times. We will be tapping into the pillars of Source from which you can powerfully create a new personal reality within the framework of the New Earth paradigm.

Come join your soul tribe of planetary shifters for an accelerated, quantum leadership ride!

"These Activations are bringing profound healing to my soul and body. I feel it, I sense it, I see it. I feel like the lost, neglected, violated, hurt and damaged pieces of my soul are coming back to a safe home. With those lost parts, also my talents and gifts are coming through and I am gaining trust to fully start following my soul purpose. Wow, I am just sooooooo deeply thankful and grateful to myself, my divine team, You, Ina, Alchemists and our amazing community of Lightworkers! Thank you." - Maja P.

Anchoring Into the New Earth  

2020 is a four year in numerology (2+2= 4), which reduces April 4th, 2020 to 4/4/4 and creates an energetic portal for that frequency.

As you deconstruct the energy of chaos, overwhelm and confusion within you, you will lay a new foundation for yourself, one of stability and strength.

The frequency of 4 is all about this. It generates stability, order, organization. And when we tap into it, we allow those vibrations to manifest through us. It opens the gateway to abundance by providing us with the foundation to build upon. 

The New Earth is calling to the lightworkers; you are needed more than ever. Your work as an individual within the collective right now is part of laying this new foundation, it’s a part of you claiming that which you desire to see made manifest.  

With each one of us who does this work, who chooses this healing, who steps into this new timeline, the ascension of the collective becomes more potent.

You were made for this work. And this 4I4I4 gateway is your invitation. It’s a beckoning, a harkening to a new way of being. 

The angels are with us for this. 444 is a summoning from them, a reminder that they are here for us and that they’ve got our backs, when we work with them. So, along with the Alchemists, we will be calling in the angelic realm to support us in creating an even more massive shift for each of us.

We may be physically separated right now, but energetically and spiritually together, we rise.

There is a power within you that is fierce and determined. A power that knows what drives you and what fills you. A power that calls out to share from the heart and that recognizes the abundance in our unity.

Together, with open hearts and powerful activations, we rise.

Healing energy is amplified when powerful Soul Sisters come together.  

There's a magic that happens when soul tribes come together, powerfully focused during these celestial windows.  The energy is amplified in a way that we cannot do alone.  

What This Activation Might Awaken Within You

  • Sloughing off of residual energies of lack and competition
  • Increased energy and renewed vigor for life
  • Release of the energies of fear, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Rebalancing of the nervous system
  • Deeper awakening of your intuitive gifts
  • Deeper alignment with your Soul driven offerings
  • Stronger connection to Source
  • More profound experience of abundance, releasing of scarcity mindset

Saturday, April 4th at 4:00pmPacific/ 7:00 Eastern/
Midnight UK/Sunday at 9am Sydney

***Holy crap! That activation was AMAZING! So potent, so powerful! ****

If you missed the live call on 4/4/4, no worries! It's not too late to get it. The energy of the gateway is very alive. You'll receive the recording of the activation immediately after you purchase it below.

"OMG that activation was the best, ever!!!!" - Robin

"This was incredible. Best one everrrrr!" - Steph

"Shazam! Wowser!! Mind blown!!" - Betty

"This was my first experience with you and it was powerful. I laughed, I cried, I started the work on feeling some things from child hood and more recently and the process of letting go. My body was vibrating and tingling. I felt the light and the energy. Thank you so much." - C.M.

The activations are just as potent if you listen to them live or on the recording. Your Guides are a part of this activation (all time is now), bringing through exactly what you need to hear, in a way that you are ready and able to fully receive it.

This channeled activation is being offered on a sliding scale basis!

This is an energetic exchange. Janet and Ina have dedicated lifetimes of work to bring these activations through with the potency that they carry. We continue to serve and offer as much as possible during this time, many things for free, and also needing to support our own families, too, as this work is our livelihood.

We want to make this activation accessible for everyone, so for those of you in dire straits who are unable to pay for basic food and necessities, we are offering this on a sliding scale. We appreciate the level of energetic and financial support and respect that we all hold for each other as we are creating whole new structural systems at this time.

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The Planetary Shifters are Gathering

Stabilizing the Foundations of a New Earth

Ina Lukas helps people break through their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily with Divine Guidance. She channels a collective of non-physical teachers called the Alchemists and has been doing channeled DNA activations for over a decade.

Together with the Alchemists, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, financial fears, business blocks, health issues, and more.  

Ina works one-on-one with clients and creates group workshops and retreats to help people dive through their blocks and bring to life the specific gifts that they've been given. 

Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, laser-focused intuitive skills, light language and shamanic healing work, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. She lives and plays in her magical treehouse in Encinitas, California.  

"Oh my dearest Ina Lukas, I am writing you with tears welling up and my throat is constricting with emotion. For the first time in my life, I can fit into my body. I am 55 years old. Our work together has released energy. Releasing the abuse, shame, and guilt was huge. I knew, I needed healing, but I didn’t know this energy was taking up so much space that I wasn’t in my body fully. Not until we worked to release it.  

I am fully in my body maybe for the first time since I was born. After my ceremony to release this, my body is weak and tired. In spite of that, I feel refreshed. Today, I love myself more than I ever have! For what I have been through and the power I have to be love and light. I am love and light and I am a huge heart radiating gold liquid love! Yes, I am tripping on this amazing feeling. Namaste”  

  - Christina S.

“Opening my heart with The Alchemists allowed me to manifest an extra $20,000 in a span of a few short weeks. For anyone wanting to increase their financial prosperity, and loosen up around the subject of money, the Alchemists are a surefire bet to manifesting your financial desires! I look forward to working with them on the joyful manifestation of becoming a multi-millionaire! ”

     - Samuel Jang

Janet Raftis has been playing with energy her entire life, but in 2004 she began to do so in a serious way. She began with the study of Reiki and quickly became a Master. She has since learned Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics, and she is able to psychically understand what Spirit wishes to reveal to her clients. As a result, she has created a type of healing that is led by her intuition and personalized to each individual’s unique needs. Janet works closely with the Divine Feminine, serving as a channel for their healing and teachings, and she has become an activator for others, helping them to access their healing and intuitive gifts through their connection to Spirit and the Divine Feminine in a way that feels safe and secure. She has a thriving healing practice, teaches intuitive and spiritual development, leads spiritual circles, and hosts retreats around the world.  

“I receive so much from Janet’s activations that I knew I wanted to go deeper with Venus. The entire hour was incredible! It went to a much deeper level than I was expecting. It was very healing and energizing! I feel very empowered. I can now accept myself in a way I haven’t been able to before. I believe a lot of my shame has been healed and fragments of my soul have come back to me!”
– Meg T  

"The work I have been doing with Janet is some of the deepest healing work I have ever experienced. Her unique approach somehow reaches around all of me and it feels like she holds my soul’s highest intentions for me as we work. It is truly an amazing experience, a pleasure and a privilege to work with her. I consider myself truly blessed to have her in my life. If you get the chance to work with her - Grab it and never look back."
– LunaMay Lilou Østergaard

"Wow, oh, wow.   That was a seriously bad ass healing session with you.  Each one is more intense than the last which is rather astounding seeing how intense the last was.   After our session, synchronicity and magic began exploding around me. After the next session I should be able to start shooting sparks out of my fingers and wiggling my nose like Bewitched."
-Debbie DiBona