What does your body want to say to you?

Is your body your friend or your enemy or something in between?

How often do you resist your body and think unkind thoughts towards it?  Or ignore it?

When I tuned into my body and asked what it wants from this program, it said, "I just want you to love me."

I just want you to love me.  


It seems so simple, yet that felt like a lot to ask.  "Just love you?"

Most of us live in a constant battle with our bodies.  Not liking them, complaining about them, wishing they were different, wishing they looked like somebody else's.  Feeling resentful to our bodies for being in pain, for having disease.  Fearing them aging.  Feeling betrayed by them. Feeling ashamed of them. Uncomfortable in them. 

Our body is the home of who we are in this life.  It's the specific physical form that our spirit chose to inhabit to have this specific human experience.​  

So by its Divine nature, your body is perfect.  It's perfectly designed to be the physical expression of who you are, in all of your lovable adorability.

So why do we fight it?  Why do we hate it?  Why do we deny our own humanity?​  Why do we make what other people think about our bodies more important than our own love of ourselves?

​The most spiritual thing we did was choose to come into our physical body to have this human experience.  And instead of celebrating this holy temple that we inhabit, we desecrate it with our harsh thoughts towards it, writing destructive graffiti on our innermost sacred walls.

What a whacky thing to do!  

That's just so old news and old energy.  

Breaking News: 
You are in physical form.  You are human.  And you are beautiful.

Are you ready to let got of that old relationship with your body and create a new, healthy relationship with your body that is a match to the love that you are?

No more trying to leave your body or deny your body.  Your body is craving your love.  It wants ALL of you!

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) on an eight week journey of channeled transmissions, activations, and Q&A conversations designed to help you do what your body is asking.... to love it.  

This journey is designed to transform your relationship with your body, learning to listen to it, honor it, and come home to this beautiful love that you are.

Why Join Us?​

  • To experience a new way of loving your body, and to gain a new respect for it.
  • To heal a current illness, disease, allergy, pain or other physical symptoms.
  • To learn how to listen to what your body is communicating with you through your physical symptoms.
  • To develop a better relationship with food, eating more intuitively and listening to your body's guidance.
  • To change your physical weight (if you desire) through no longer sabotaging yourself with food and avoiding stretching and exercise.
  • To be a part of the magnified energy field created when a group of powerfully focused people come together to create change in their relationships with their bodies.  
  • To be a part of a loving, fun community and to be inspired and supported by your like-minded tribe.
  • To experience the freedom that comes on the other side of no longer fighting your body and being able to fully embrace your physical form.

In The Words of The Alchemists...

“At the heart of what you're asking is this...

"How do I make peace with my body and allow my body to be my friend, that holds me with strength, that holds me with power, that I am comfortable in, that I work as a team with, that I pay more attention to, that I want to take care - because I want to take good care of it, because I want it to take good care of me - till death do us part.”

What is the basis of this program?

"Coming home to our bodies.  Coming home to ourselves.  Being embodied in our bodies.  And developing our own personal relationship with our bodies.

"What does YOUR particular body want?  What are your particular body's needs outside of the newspaper articles and medical advice, and people telling you one thing, and other people telling you another thing, and then the trainers and exercise people.

"Instead of being tuned out from all of that, we want you to really be able to tune in to your body as your unique and special temple that is continually communicating information to you. Your body is continually giving you information about how to live your life more easily. How to release thoughts. It's letting you know how it wants to be nurtured. How your body wants to be loved.

"This program is not going to be about a specific way to be, but it is going to be about people deepening their relationship to their fifth dimensional body, to their higher frequency body that is wanting to work more closely with them, that is wanting them to listen to it more, to tune into this food that my body wants right now. No matter what that food is, being able to tune more deeply into the food, the movement, the rest that is going to allow people to be a truly blended fifth dimensional being, connected to source energy and really enjoying the ride in their body. Enjoying their sexuality. It’s a coming home to the body."

- The Alchemists​

What is this program about?

  • It's NOT about giving you specific diets or debating the "right" foods for the masses.
  • It's not going to give you a one-size-fits all exercise routine.
  • It IS about helping you tune into YOUR body, learning your own body's communication, and being able to intuitively choose the RIGHT foods for YOUR body.
  • It will help you love your body, no longer resisting it, so that you can actually let go of any extra weight or pain that you've been holding on to.
  • It will help you understand how to get to the emotional root of your physical symptoms so you can more quickly heal any pain or dis-ease in your body.
  • It will allow you to feel a whole new level of love and commitment to your beautiful body temple.

Let's get physical!  Can you hear your body talk?

Yes.  Olivia Newton-John is a part of this program.  Yes, I'm going there.  

She created our theme song, and she was my childhood idol (and if I can bring in Xanadu, too, I will).

Imagine singing this song to your body, as a bit of a sexy serenade to your life partner that is going to be with you until death-do-you-part.  Because your body is the one thing that, without question, will be with you until you die.  

So why not start courting it, loving it, getting turned on by it?

"I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like, making good conversation. I gotta handle you just right, You know what I mean... Let's get physical, physical.  I wanna get physical.  Let's get into physical.  Let me hear your body talk."

When does it start?

"Body Temple Clearing" 
Bonus Activation Call

Thursday, October 5th at 1:00PM Pacific/4:00PM Eastern/
9:00pm UK/ Friday 7:00am Sydney
(60-90 minutes)

If you are on this spiritual path, chances are you're empathic, or more energy sensitive than you realize. Chances are you're carrying people's energy in your body and may not even know it.

•You may be carrying the weight of someone's judgement, the sadness of a parent, feelings of other people's loss.

•You may be carrying other people's criticism, other people's anger, other people's victimhood.

•You likely absorbed the energy of your mother's emotional field in the womb, and have held generations of family emotional discord in your DNA.

•You may be carrying the emotional frequencies of your past lovers and intimate relationships.

•You are likely taking on pieces and parts of the collective energy of fear and unknown right now, and it's bringing up old past emotional patterns.

Yup, there may be a WHOLE lot more going on in your body than you realize.

Wouldn't it be nice to be free of all that?

So The Alchemists are bringing you a little free bonus.  

This "Body Temple Clearing" Activation Call will be a very powerful clearing of a lifetime of people's energy from your Body Temple, so that you can begin this process of deep body love surrounded by the purity of your own energy field.

If you register for the program before our call tomorrow, you will be receiving this FREE LIVE bonus Body Temple Clearing call.

And if you can't make the call live, don't worry, you'll receive the recording afterwards.

This will be a ceremonial sage burning, clearing of your temple, releasing the energy of others that you've unknowingly housed for a lifetime, creating the space for the purest love that you are to fully come home.

Click HERE to find the time in your international time zone.

Our Official Journey Begins on
Thursday, October 12th

All calls take place at 1:00PM Pacific/4:00PM Eastern/
9:00pm UK/ Friday 7:00am Sydney
(All calls are 90 minutes)

Thursday, October 12th -
Q&A with The Alchemists
Thursday, October 19th -
Transformational Body Love Activation Call
Thursday, October 26th - 
Q&A with The Alchemists
Thursday, November 2nd - 
Q&A with The Alchemists
Thursday, November 9th  - 
Transformational Body Love Activation Call
Thursday, November 16th - 
Q&A with The Alchemists
Wednesday, November 22nd - 
Transformational Body Love Activation Call
Thursday, November 30th
Q&A with The Alchemists

Click HERE to find the time in your international time zone.

You can join from anywhere in the world via phone (local country numbers will be given for international callers).

*We also have a private Facebook Group for all members of this program so that we can share our experiences in between the calls.  It's an amazing place to bond with your tribe, share, inspire and magnify this journey together.  ​

Can't make the calls live?

No worries. You can email your questions to the Alchemists in advance of the call, and you will get an equal opportunity to get in the "Love Seat" with The Alchemists to get your question answered.  The calls will be recorded and you'll receive the recordings after each call.

So if you can't make every call, you won't miss a thing.  The Activations and Q&A's are just as potent whether you're on the call live or listening to the recording.

Are you ready to create a deeply loving
relationship with your body?

If your body is saying, "YES!", come join us!

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"Break Through Your Blocks"
VIP Upgrade

Would you like a private session with The Alchemists to go more deeply into any physical issues you have going on?  Or any other areas of your life that you'd like a breakthrough with?

To assist you in having the most transformational experience through the course of these eight weeks, I'm offering a $70 savings on a 90 minute private "Break Through Your Blocks" laser session with The Alchemists (normally $197).  

If you bundle together this 8 week program with the 90 minute private session, you'll get massive life transformation for one low price.

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Are you ready to create a whole new relationship
with your body?

What others have to say about
Ina & The Alchemists...

“I'm running out of exclamations for these calls!! 🙂 I dare say, this was the most profound and powerful activation for me, yet! Holy crapalonies!! I had a flood of chills up and down my body for several minutes right after, which has never happened before. I was feeling all of those amazing other-dimensional beings. Thank you so much for stepping into this work, Ina! I feel so much opening and shifting for me, as one cycle ends and a new one begins in the coming year. It's palpable...and I am so appreciative of the support I receive from you, your crew, and all of the other ways it flows to me. You ARE love :)”

- Carrie Kochevar

"If you are considering Ina and the Alchemists' Self Love program, DO IT. I felt called to it right away but it wasn't easy to sign up for. Self love is not something that I have ever done well or given my self the time to learn and practice. THANK GOODNESS I actually did register for this Course!!!!

Through the opportunities to interact with the Alchemists (with my personal questions as well as to hear the questions of others, which so often provoke answers that can be easily mapped onto my own life), the energetic activations and the loving supportive community involved in the Course, I am leaning in to places where love has not been in my life.

And as I learn to love myself, the awareness of love and acknowledgement from others grows, too. From work colleagues, to family members to men. I find myself more comfortably receiving admiration and love. It seems like it has magically appeared out of thin air! Or, has it been there all along and I just didn't know? Who cares! I'm so grateful. And I'm just getting started! I can't wait for what's yet to be discovered.

– Gaile Burchill

 "OMG that last call was amazing! I literally felt like things were being threaded (sewn) back together. Thank you so much/ I loved it! It was so accurate and I’m so happy to have shared these weeks with you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

This was such a great call - Amazing! feels like i fall asleep and hear it subconsciously every time and then i re- listen when i am awake and it goes even deeper. So excited to be a part of this wonderful group x Thank You for your questions and for you guidance Ina Lukas

     - Emma B.

"Thanks so much to Ina, The Alchemists and everyone in this group for your amazing support and participation! 

The answers I've received from The Alchemists through this journey have been exactly what I've needed in each call. Yesterday's call opened a door in me that feels amazing and I've already started using the exercise that they gave me.

Thanks again and I hope to connect with you all on another journey of expansion and exploration! 😊🙏❤️"

     - Kevin Young

"Thank you everyone and especially Ina and the Alchemists for coming together for such a beautiful 8 week experience. 

This experience affected me in some very strong ways and also some very subtle ways as we moved along. I feel that I now more than ever have a great love and appreciation for who I am, how I look and the miracle of how my body functions, and the things I contribute to this world. For the longest time I have rarely given myself the love and support I deserve and I truly do deserve it as we all do...🙂 I feel it has me just looking at all things differently: relationships, who I should allow in my life, what I should focus on and how to handle conflicts keeping me OK and in a place of love....

During this process lots of emotions came up and each time as I felt them I felt a sort of release.....hard to explain but it almost felt like a fever breaking and I was surfacing at a new level of understanding. Many fears have diminished over things I cant control and I have just started to cut myself some slack and delved deeper into the beauty of how far I have come....

Some of you know that I love delving into anything creative sampling photography, design, creating products etc....On the other side I also like to use creativity to help others, such as by coaching...I was feeling so overwhelmed with it all and believing I don't have enough time and can't pull it off.....

But lately, I feel a new charge in all of these things and am slowly revamping my design/photography/products and portfolios and am also delving into life coaching. I feel assisting others to find joy cuts to the core of what I am here to do....love and help....so this course helped me to love myself and realize that I can indeed realize ALL my passions one step at a time......

So thank you all SO very much...you are all a blessing."

     - Catherine K.

" I feel like all the amazing work we did and are doing with Ina and the Alchemists is completely re-wiring us and forcing the old aspects of us to bubble up to the surface to be released. I keep getting a vision of this new blueprint (our true selves) coming in like the Alchemists said but it is just forcing old aspects to release. I think? With huge shifts like this and speedy like this all is, I think we are bound to feel a bit whacky. What do you all think? My heart tells me this means the changes are going to be great."

     - Catherine K.

"I feel so much love for my body. Through these weeks, it’s getting stronger and stronger. I find, I am in conversations with my body. Asking what it needs today. I rub my hands all over, loving on it. I am speaking kind words to it. My posture is stronger. I am living into my bone frame. I notice I am walking from the center. This is incredible!!! Holy cow, Ina Lukas, I am in tears with joy. Your love, your gift, has forever changed the way I move through life. This is so profound. I have so much appreciation for you. So huge so profound."

     - Christina S.

"That was a super powerful call for me. Each week it feels like the energies are ramping up and up.
I can't rememder the name of the person who asked about the migraines, but thank you for asking. I've had a tension at the frond of my head for weeks, that I've been unable to fully shift, after the guidance it's gone completely.  It hasn't come back and I feel so much better and more connected to my intuition as well.

I'm shedding so many layers right now and feel so much freer in my body and more comfortable.

Sending you love Ina 😘

     - Jenna S.

"Well that went waaaaaay deeper than I expected!💥

Thanks, Ina, for opening up the call with that powerful intro. Your comment regarding traumas being stored in the body really landed with me and allowed my question to evolve to a much broader place.

For as many times as I've chatted with The Alchemists, they never fail to take me exactly where I need to be. I so appreciate this incredible support system and all of you that are a part of it!! <3


     - Kevin Young

Okay, OH MY GOD, that last question, about trust. WHOA. WOW. That hit home so hard. All of my major fatigue problems hit four years ago when I felt massively betrayed by someone I had trusted. It took me a long time to trust him, but I did, so when it felt like he betrayed me, my body freaked out. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The pain is mostly gone, but the fatigue, the weakness, is still there. And I realized, listening to the answer to that great question, how he had "proved me right" about trust and how I couldn't trust anyone, couldn't trust my own judgment, couldn't trust the universe (I felt like Charlie Brown, and the universe was Lucy with the football) and then I couldn't trust my own body because it had also betrayed me. WHOA. And right now I have been slowly sinking back into that feeling of Being Charlie Brown with current situations in my life, but struggling because I want to trust the universe, and my own intuition and guidance, and I want to trust others. So incredibly relevant to me on so many levels. So much to process. So amazing. Thank you thank you thank you. "

     - Katie J. 

Okay...pardon my language...but HOLY SHIT. I just listened to the recording, and the answer to my question. WOW. I can't even express how I'm feeling. That was incredible. I didn't even realize how powerful the question was. I almost didn't send it in. I really didn't expect it to be powerful enough to cause technical difficulties! During the opening segment I was hit so hard by the question "How would you hold your body, how would you stand in your body, if you mattered?" That brought tears to my eyes, and the mental image I got was of me standing as Wonder Woman, with hands on my hips on a mountain top, the wind blowing my hair. During my answer, when they were talking about how powerful little Katie is, I suddenly remembered this photograph of me at 5 years old, in my Wonder Woman Underoos. I had to dig through my old photographs and share this with all of you, because it made me laugh and cry at the same time. She looks like she wouldn't take any crap from anybody! I'm still processing everything I heard, and I'm sure I'll listen to it again and again. Thank you so much to everyone, and I'm so glad to hear that my question and answer helped so many of you as well. So excited and happy to be here with all of you.❤❤❤ Thank you so much, Ina. Thank you, Alchemists. I feel big, big things happening already. This all makes SO MUCH SENSE. ❤❤❤ Mind blown. "

     - Katie J. 

I just finished listening to the last Q & A recording last night. WOW. So incredible, I swear everything was so relevant to me right now. I resonated SO MUCH with the Alchemists' opening message, about the impact of trauma. It makes so much sense to me in terms of my physical issues and the things that were happening in my life when they appeared. And Kevin, your question and answer REALLY hit home for me. That underlying expectation of disappointment - not so much with business for me, but in other areas of my life. What keeps coming up for me, since the start of this program, is the revelation of how much my body has not felt like it was mine. Everything from being poked with needles as a kid (and an adult), to being forced to go to school when I was full of anxiety and hated it there, so many things that made me disconnect from my own body. And the impact of trauma, wow. When I was a kid, my parents got divorced, started dating people who openly told me I was a burden, and I became a type 1 diabetic, all in the same year. The adults in my life were crazy. And my grandma, I'm sure thinking that she was looking out for my mom, kept telling me that I couldn't be upset about things because my mom couldn't handle it. And it really hit me listening to the recording, all of the traumatic things that were happening to me, and I had no outlet. No one knew how to help me process any of it. i don't even think it crossed their minds that i might NEED to process it, or need help, it was just, here, let the 9 year old deal with it. And I became the responsible adult. And all of that trauma just sat there, unprocessed, for sooooo long. So much anger coming up around this, so much "what the hell were they thinking?!", and at the same time, so much compassion for myself and for my body, for everything that we have been through. Thank you so much, Ina Lukas, for this program, and thank you to everyone here contributing to the energy and the healing. I'm so grateful to be included in this with all of you. So many powerful things happening here. <3 "

     - Katie J. 

Every question in the call had something for me. I get migraines too. I find in the wee hours of the morning, laying in bed in silence, I get messages from my body & I got one that connected the migraine to my left shoulder. It gave me the pain, and it seems to be about shouldering responsibilities for others, as I thought back to the time they started after my second baby. "

     - DLK

Hello Everyone! I wanted to say how honored I am to be amongst all of you in this group. I have been silent for the past few weeks as I have been trying to sort things out. When Ina first introduced this workshop...it was not speaking to me... that was until she posted about having it start a week later. I have been in a state of blah....for most of this year and I could not explain it. I normally have high energy and am passionate but I have been stuck and blocked. I am now in the process of releasing that. My biggest Aaahhh has come today. Every question that has been asked so far in this group has had a profound shift on me. They were all meant for me. (thank you for being strong and asking such powerful questions).

During this past year I have put on a lot of weight, have wanted to stay in the background and not be visible, have been passive and "neutral" not letting things in or out. After listening today to the 3rd session, my take away is that....I am ready to give birth. It's been a long gestation period for me - this pregnancy is long over due and its time for this baby to come out 🙂 . Its funny every physic I have ever encountered thought I had 3 children....and I have been blessed with two Amazing Children (I would joke my husband was my 3rd )- but now I know I am here to give birth to a new business and help with the awakening that is amongst us. My heart is so full. I have love and joy for you all. Thank you...Thank you!


     - Susan W.

"I just wanted to let you all know that since our call a few weeks ago I have had a whirlwind of progress with something really big that has been going on in my life for about 5 years. So much is being uncovered and exposed which is leading to crazy fast healing and intense personal power for me. I am so grateful! As I am progressing through this, I have had many emotions come up like anger and sadness, but as I release them, I feel a release in my body and a new awakening if that makes sense! I am amazed with this process! "

     - Catherine K.

"Wow. I got through the second call this past Saturday morning and I am still amazed at how phenomenal it was. I cried through the first part as sadness and some anger came up for me. Some background: I was in a long term relationship of 14 years and had two amazing kids. My ex partner chose another path of affairs, confusion, depression and intense anger and hatred. He pulled me into his chaos when I have always been a peaceful person. I left him almost 5 years ago with our kids to basically save ourselves and despite trying to maintain peace, wishing him love and hoping I could be free of him, he is in so much pain that he has continued to emotional abuse me whenever he has the chance via text from a distance and try to use our kids as tools to get back at me.(Financially, emotionally etc.)I have stayed mostly positive, but recently retained a new attorney to finally legally not allow his pain to continue to affect our lives. I wish him nothing but the best still, but it has to stop! It has been an eye opening process of me learning to be kind but also protect myself and my kids from the pain of another. I cried for all the energy I used in this process and also for the path he chose. I was angry for how his low energy attached to me and angry for allowing him to dull my shine. It felt so good to feel angry and let myself feel that way. I feel this call was perfectly timed as a new bright chapter is opening for me and my amazing kids..."

     - Catherine K.

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